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16 February 2014

the "Priest" they called him

Got a lot of positive feedback from some good friends on the last William S. Burroughs post. I was also asked if I could post some more. I decided I’d post this one first & see what kind of reception it gets. If it does well or if anyone is interested, I also have Real English Tea Made Here, a very rare & very unique three-disc collection of tape experiments Burroughs recorded 1964-1965. But enough & onward…

The "Priest" they called him is a collaboration between Burroughs & Kurt Cobain. Burroughs reads “The "Priest"…”, a short piece first published in Exterminator! while Cobain provides guitar backing based on “Silent Night” & “To Anacreon in Heaven”.

The original release was a hand-numbered limited edition 10-inch picture disc with the song on the A side while the flip-side featured etched autographs of Burroughs & Cobain: William S. Burroughs & Kurtis Donald Cȯhbaine. It was subsequently re-released on CD & 10-inch vinyl. The 10-inch vinyl reissue has the cover art in black & white in the center on the A side with their autographs on the reverse.

The cover image is by Mark Trunz, who also took the picture of Cobain on the cover back. The picture of Burroughs was taken by Gus Van Sant for his book 108 Photographs. Cobain's friend & Nirvana bandmate Krist Novoselic is featured on the cover as the Priest.

William S. Burroughs / Kurt Cobain – the “Priest” they called him single-sided 10”,
Tim/Kerr Records TK9210044, 1993.
decryption code in comments



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  2. Hey NØ, long time haven't talked to ya! I used to have this 10 inch, first pressing. Foolishly I sold it as it wasn't until years later I became a fan of Burroughs in all his perverted but creatively devious glory. Thanks for posting this. <3