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14 December 2014

I'm Lovin' Life at the Top

Here ya go, rowdies. I took this photo last time I was back in Pennsylvania. It was a great, great show.

Right off I’d say Muslimgauze & Legendary Pink Dots are already enough for this old lad. Add “Homage to Sewage” by Coil. Must I say more? Attrition, Bushido, Pornosect…well, duh, the list is below. Grab it or not, I already have it. But on a sour note, I bought my copy used & it didn’t have the free Absract Magazine Issue 4. If anyone has & would share scans, please, please let me know. From Orwell & 1984.

Various – Life at the Top, Third Mind Records TMLP07, 1984.

Side 1 –
Perversion – A Primary Industry
Disinformation – Pornosect
The Lifesucker – Legendary Pink Dots
The Last Refuge – Attrition
A Diet of Nitro-Glycerine – The Loved One

Side 2 –
Extract from Beyond the Great Wall – Bushido
Homage to Sewage – Coil
The Prayer Clock – Stress
Muslim – Nagamatzu
Dissidents – Muslimgauze
Performances Parts 1-3 – Possession



  1. Excellent compilation - one of favourites.
    I can't help with the magazine - I don't even remember it but I'd love to have my memory jogged if someone can come up with it.
    Nice post.

  2. Key doesn't seem to work?

    1. Been having MEGA troubles. If MEGA goes, could be the death knell for this here blogger. I've re-upped so many different times...

      This now has a direct link, no decryption code needed.

      I'll keep re-upping as I can.

      Let me know if this works now, if not I'll re-up it elsewhere.