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16 January 2015

Here's to the Lord of Garbage

Providing more than 50 years of musical trash...

decryption code in comments

Side A
1980 - Run for Your Life
1981 - Black Christmas  
1982 - Stranded in the Future
1983 - Don't Feed the Animals
1984 - The Saga of Hugo X

Side B
1985 - Physical Lies
1986 - Snake Document Masquerade  
1987 - Lost like a Lizard in the Snow
1988 - Searching for the Human in Tight Blue Jeans
1989 - Waiting Around for the Next Ten Years



  1. QzQ-awVzrxFSm7zhnYFRYuPr2e38pTrzKAZFPd-MObI

  2. Cheers, amigo. And RIP.


  3. Fantastic. Wanted to hear this one for years. THANKS.