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07 February 2015

Now Give Me More Cheeba

After listening to those audio-erotic Satanic Sanctions, I got all hot & bothered & need a fix of Trip-Hop to chill me out while stroking me off at the same time. There is Nothin' like this classic."Undress Me Now" indeed.

Morcheeba ‎– Parts of the Process 2xLP, China Records ‎2564-60276-1, 2003.
decryption code in comments

Side 1 –

The Sea
Tape Loop

Side 2 –

Be Yourself
Part of the Process
Let Me See
Undress Me Now
What’s Your Name (feat. Big Daddy Kane)

Side 3 –

Trigger Hippie
Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day
Over & Over
What New York Couples Fight About (feat. Kurt Wagner)
World Looking In

Side 4 –

Moog Island
Way Beyond
Never an Easy Way
Can’t Stand It

Parts of the Process is kinda like...the "Best of" Morcheeba. It also includes two never before released songs; tracks B5 & D4. 

Chill Out,


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  2. My god. I made it through this in its entirety, and enjoyed virtually every moment. Kind of puts me in the same space as "Pure Shores" and assorted sweetmeats from All Saints.

  3. Morcheeba is my go-to band for chill (I am a closet trip-hopper, I must admit). Fragments of Freedom & The Antidote are particularly tastee. Let me know if you're looking for more. My trip-hop well is deep.

  4. Ohhhhhhhh, thank you!!!!!! Love Morcheeba. It's not often a band can lose there frontwoman and still produce some quality stuff. Skye's still the one for me though. Saw them on the Who Can You Trust tour, even though I really wish it could've been on the Big Calm tour to be able to hear those magnificent singles from that album. Thanks man!

    1. I heartily agree with you. Morcheeba has remained great, even when Skye was away. Now that she is back in the trio, things are once again top shelf. Lemonade & Head are both fantastic releases. That said, however, Antidote is still a great piece of work, in my opinion. Daisy M rose to the challenge. You saw them early on, that must have been awesome. Thanks for the comment.

  5. I think the last I really paid attention was probably up to the last album before Skye came back....not even sure I remember that news to tell ya the truth. Believe me, if ya have anymore Morcheeba vinyl, let 'er rip, lol! The only other one on the world wide web I've seen is Big Calm. Never seen a rip of Sneaker Pimps Becoming X either if ya (wink wink) have that lyin' around somewhere.

  6. Nathan, I have occasionally wondered where a newbie should start with Morcheeba's discography, and I appreciate you sharing this one and recommending it as a "best of" their music. Looking forward to listening to this one!