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08 August 2016

Eat it...Eat it Raw!

After more than half a century as a vegetarian, I’m trying something new. My daughter is a life-long vegetarian & several years back she went vegan. She’s always giving me the business about it. We used to dine at a raw joint called The Green Boheme (they recently moved to Roseville & we haven’t made it to their new location). They always challenged everyone to go raw for a month. Well, I decided I’d one up Lao & go raw.

Now, I’m a Taurus & as bull-headed as they come, so sticking to something I start is no big deal. But man oh man…all I do now-a-days is dream about food, whether I’m awake or sleeping. Now it’s started creeping into my musick. See what you think of RAW!!!

Portion Control – Dining on the Fresh C10 cassette & flexi-disc,
In Phase Records POR CON 004, 1981.
all decryption codes in comments

Side A –
Better Place
Wippy Dippy Dappy Do!

Side B –
Sweet Julia (new version)

Flexi Disc
Side 1 –
Across the Fence

Side 2 –
All of My Time
Minimal Man - Hunger is All She has Ever Known, Play it Again Sam Records BIAS71LP, 1988.

Side 1 –
A Little Surrender
Christine Says
Run, Devil, Run

Side 2 –
I Want You to Know
Dead Tired
I Heard

Bruce Gilbert – Music for Fruit, Mute STUMM77, 1991.

Side A –
Music for Fruit (edited)

Side B –
You Might be Called

Sun City Girls –Kaliflower, Abduction ABDT001, 1994.

Side One –
X + Y = Fuck You
Dead Chick in the River
& So the Dead Tongue Sang
Cigar Shaped the Moonlight
Archaeoptryx in the Slammer

Side Two –
The Venerable Uncle Tompa
I Knew a Jew Named Frankenstein

Tommy Guerrero – Soul Food Taqueria, Mo Wax MWR158CD, 2003.

Tracklist –
(intro) ‘lectric Chile Goat
Thank You (MK)
(interlude) Train of Thought
It Gets Heavy (featuring Gresham Taylor)
Thin Brown Layer
(interlude) So Many Years Ago / Terra Unfirma
Getting it Together (featuring Lyrics Born)
Another Brother Gone
Broken Blood
(interlude) & the Day Goes By
Lost Unfound
The Color of Life
Falling Awake

Tracklist –
Reason to Hide In
Weird Ideas at Work
Animal Sounds
By the Time I get Home There Won’t be Much of a Place for Me
Cut by the Brakes
Going to Switch the Lights On
New Space to Throw
Joker & clown
Close Approximation
Pack All the Things You Need
Part of a Corner

Pleasant dining,


  1. Dining
    Soul Food
    A Drink

  2. I am cutting a jig. Don't have Kaliflower, I need to get back to basics.

    1. Oh my brother. So damn good to hear from you at long last. Been missing you.