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07 November 2016

Deliver Us, Jah

10 Ft. Ganja Plant – Bass Chalice,
ROIR Reachout International Records RUSCD8294, 2005.
decryption code in comments

tracklist –

Blood Money
Engine Trouble
Last Dance
Suits & Ski Masks
To Each (featuring The Meditations)
Burning James
Your Voice
Swedish Prison
Deliver Us Jah
Bass Chalice



  1. Hmmm...cryptic decryption comment. ;)

  2. Inertia of Oz11/7/16, 9:41 PM

    Hello. Would love this album, but I can't find the decryption key? Thanks in advance

  3. decryption code in comments?

  4. 0FTJovnOSGc__tf94jKWAQ8Fexzyjga2WF3y4-qKjr4

  5. Sorry for the mysteriously disappearing decryption code. Here we go & thanks to all.

  6. Dunno about you, but I spent most of yesterday puking.

    1. I have not been able to process yet. & I might add that I'm not really the sore-loser type. I just see what is in people's eyes as they stumble about, trying to act like everything will be okay. It will not be okay. We are royally fucked, & by we I mean the entire world. The thing for me is that it was a shock to reality but no surprise. I said long ago that Bernie was the only one who could beat Trump. Very few people like H. Clinton & not enough could even stomach her enough to stop Trump. I feel such sadness for the future generations.