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18 June 2017

& it's Only the 18th

Death in June – All Pigs Must Die, Leprosy Discs LEPER CD4, 2001
decryption code in comments

tracklist –
All Pigs Must Die
Tick Tock
Disappear in Every Way
The Enemy Within
We Said Destroy II
Flies Have Their House
With Bad Blood (Tick Tock remix)
No Pig Day (Flies Have Their House remix)
We Said Destroy III
Lords Of The Sties (Disappear in Every Way remix)
Ride Out!

Recorded between October 2000 & January 2001 at Big Sound Studios Australia,
Geyer Studios Germany, & Jacob's Studios England.

Enjoy or die,


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  2. Finally have a digital copy of the Speechless (EP) by Blackgirls if you still want/need such a tasty little morsel.

    1. I am salivating in anticipation of that "tasty little morsel".
      I most definitely want/need. Leave some contact info inn a comment if you can. The comments are moderated so I won't reveal your info. Can harly wait...you've made my day (week, month, etc...)