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02 September 2017

Life is so Bittersweet

I’m coming unraveled right before my very eyes.
It’s not a pretty sight
Life has become so bittersweet
Hope next time I get it right...

Bitter:Sweet is: Kiran Shahani (ex-Supreme Beings of Leisure / Bonglab) & Shana Halligan

Bitter:Sweet - The Remix Game, Quango Records QMG 1026-2, 2007.
decryption code in comments

Heaven  (Nicola Conte "West Coast Vibes" remix)
Bittersweet Faith  (Thievery Corporation remix)
Overdue  (Blackbeard remix)
Our Remains  (JAB remix featuring Menez One)
Take 2 Blue  (Roy Dubb remix)
The Mating Game  (Yes King remix)
Salty Air  (Fort Knox Five remix)
Dirty Laundry   (Skeewiff remix)
Moving Forward  (Atjazz remix)
Moody  (Marsmobil remix)
Don’t Forget to Breath  (Solid Doctor "Don't Forget the Beat" remix)

 Amara Dulcis


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  2. Unraveling? Dying? Trying to read between the lines here, and not liking where my mind leads me. Stay far away from the nightshade, my friend.

  3. Now Jonder has me worrying too.