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01 October 2017

All the Usual Suspects

If you liked that last one, here we go again...

X Tract Xx001, 1983.
decryption code in comments

Side 1 -
Chew You to Bits - Portion Control
Raining Tears of Blood - Chris & Cosey
Muzak from Hawthorne Court - Metamorphosis
S is for Sleep - Coil
Nana or a Thing of Uncertain Nonsense - Nurse with Wound

Side 2 -
Beat the Devil - 400 Blows
Andropov ‘84 - Konstruktivits
Boning of Men - Lustmørd
Milens Jesenska (extract) - Muslimgauze
Edge of Nothing - David Jackman

Side 3 -
Despair - SPK
Vox Humana - MFH
Suffering Stinks - Nocturnal Emissions
Dream Sleep - Attrition
Surprise, Surprise - Legendary Pink Dots
Birth of Planetesimals (extract) - Paul Kelday

Side 4 -
Under the City - Bourbonese Qualk
Build Your Children - Sirius B
New Humanity Switchboard (extract) - New 7th Music
Alleycat - We Be Echo
Modelwerk - Bushido

Ellie Font Never Forgets


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  2. This is a rather fantastic collection of early works from some now well know electronic/experiemntal artists.
    Note that the subsequent CD release sounds like it was ripped from the vinyl and that it had some tracks missing - probably due to licencing issues.
    Many thanks for this and the previous fantasic post.