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23 December 2017

Xmas - No Wave, Musick Slave

This one is for Ib, the truest Sibling of them all. This is not Mechanical Flattery, but it’s definitely the best Lunch.

Originally released in France in 2003 on CD. Tracks selected & produced by Michel Esteban.
Original analog master tapes digitally transfered at 24 bits & mastered to 16 bits. Dedicated to the memory of Anya Phillips, Bradley Field, Patrick Geoffrois, George Scott, & Summer Crane.

ZE Records ZEREC LP01, 2005.
decryption code in comments

Side A -
Contort Yourself - James White & the Blacks
Wawa - Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Lady Scarface - Lydia Lunch
Mister Ray - Suicide

Side B -
3E - Mars
The Closet - Teenage Jesus & the Jerks
Rosa Vertov - Rosa Yemen
Pini Pini - Arto/Neto
Torso Corso - Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Almost Black - James White & the Blacks

Side C -
11,000 Volts - Mars
Mechanical Flattery - Lydia Lunch
Decryptated - Rosa Yemen
Empty nEyes - Teenage Jesus & the Jerks
Designed to Kill - The Contortions
Malu - Arto/Neto

Side D -
Less of Me - Teenage Jesus & the Jerks
Larousse Baron Bic - Rosa Yemen
That’s When Your Heartaches Begin - James Chance & Pill Factory
Herpes Simplex - Rosa Yemen
Twice Removed - The Contortions
Radiation - Suicide



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  2. Thanks for posting this! Love The Contortions/James White. Have a great holiday! xoxo

  3. Hoping this season and the coming year find you (and, really, us all) better than the last.



  4. thanks for this post. i never tire of NoWave. this year has been a particularly rough one. life threatened to break me in half on multiple occasions. but i made it thru somehow and now things can only get better, right? god, i hope so! anyhow i know your year has been trying as well. happy holidays and stay strong! thanks for all you do!

  5. NØnetheless... Thank you for the shout out, and love back at you, brother.

    I was just preparing a festive Lunch for Milo and myself when I alighted here, so the soundtrack could not be more appropriate. Happy holidaze to you and your readers. Contort yo'selves.