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11 February 2018

In a Heartbeat...Death before Dishonor

I'm working on a Krautrock extravaganza, but for now, a great JA affair.

First up is an offering Jack Ruby presents The Black Foundation from one Lawrence "Jack Ruby" Lindo. Jack Ruby was a well respected Jamaican roots reggae producer, most prolific during the 70s. He is most respected for his work with Burning Spear. His studio & label work was extensively covered in the famous "Deep Roots Music" BBC documentary as well as in the movie "Rockers". Lindo died in 1989.

Jack Ruby began recording at a important junction in Reggae music history. Going were the days of sweet soulful Rock Steady; this was the start of the militant seventies. Black Power & Rasta themes were the order of the day. The reggae here is more Marcus Garvey than Martin Luther King Jr. It's more take-charge-of-your-life & fight-the-forces-that-keep-you-down than party 'til dawn. This is an essential journey through some of the greatest most militant Reggae music recorded.  This collection takes the best from the vaults of the Fox & Wolf labels, presenting many of them for the first time. This is truly a snapshot of Jack Ruby's early endeavors.

Various - Jack Ruby presents The Black Foundation, Heartbeat Records 11661-7622-2, 2000.
all decryption codes in comments

 tracklist -

Marcus Garvey - Burning Spear
Mosiah Garvey - Big Youth (previously un-released full length version)
Come Away Jah Jah Children - The Black Survivors
Hard Time - Vinnie Taylor & the Revealers (previously un-released alternate mix)
Warn the Nation - The Eagles
Death Before Dishonor - The Black Disciples (previously un-released)
African Children - The Heptones (previously un-released)
Come Running Back - The Gaylads (previously un-relesed version)
Slavery Days - Burning Spear
Every Knee Shall Bow - The Black Survivors
Free Rhodesia - The Black Disciples (previously un-released)
Decent Citizen - Prince & the Seraphim
Fire (is the Desire) - Justin Hinds & the Dominoes
Rasta Harvest - The Eagles
Youths of Tomorrow - The Gaylads (previously un-released version)
Tell Me not of Other Lands - Justin Hinds & the Dominoes (previously un-released alternate mix)
Sounds of Thunder - The Black Disciples (previous un-released)

The companion piece is the Dub slab of King Tubby / Errol Thompson - The Black Foundation in Dub,
Here King Tubby & Errol Thompson along with Sylvan Morris & Chris Wilson present their hazy, liquidus tracks using the usual disorienting echo, delay, & dropouts that the King perfected. King Tubby's dubs are always distinctive.

Special thanks to Niney the Observer, Horace "Brownie Eagle" Johnson, Chuck Foster, Leroy Jodie Pierson, & Mr. Clement Dodd

 Heartbeat Records 11661-7623-2, 2000.

tracklist -

Marcus Garvey Dub
Jah Jah Dub
Time Hard
Patient Dub
African Birthright
Running Dub
Track 20 Dub
Slavery Days Dub
Dub Upright
Dub in Time
Dub of Tomorrow
Warning Version



  1. Black Foundation
    In Dub

  2. Ah, thank you most kindly for this. The Tubby and Thompson dubs, especially, I do not have, I don't believe. Unless I possess them under a different wrapper.

    If only I were on drinking terms with the ghost of royalty.

  3. Seems like the "in dub" file is corrupt... :(

    1. I just downloaded it from MEGA. No problem. Unzipped it with 7zip. No problem. I'm listening to "Slavery Days Dub" right now. No problem. Try downloading again or unzipping with Winrar or 7zip. If that doesn't help, ;et me know exactly whats going on, I'll try to help.

  4. Wow! Just discovered your blog and I'm blown away, not just by the content but the fact that I've never discovered your site before. Not a lot of old school bloggers left. A person could spend weeks/months going through all you have written and provided here, thanx so much for doing what you do. Do you take requests, tying to hunt down a few odds and ends?

    1. Thanks for the swell comment. Hope you find things of interest here. If any of the links are bad, let me know.

      If you read "What's Going On" (https://nathannothinsez.blogspot.com/2017/09/whats-goin-on.html) it sheds some light on my current situation. I do however take requests, just not as good at supplying the positive results as I used to do.

    2. Holy shit man, like a really bad country song, all you're missing is getting hit by a train. I hope that 6 months later you have some of what you lost in your life. It was suggested in the comments that a guy could send you a flash drive full of odds and ends, I would love to do that, seriously. Drop me a line at my blog, mustardrelics.wordpress my email addy is on the right side under "contact". Two just off the top of my head things I'm looking for are, "You Can't Argue With Sucksess" comp and the "Totem Falls cassette on Mind Matter Records (Christ on Parade). Anyway no big deal if you don't have those but do, please, consider me sending you a flash drive full of music. A tall glass of water and a wide cup of coffee to your future!

    3. Relics,

      Sent you an email. Added Mustard Relics to the blog list. Will be working your blog for treasures.

      &...Holy Shit...one of my favorite Buk photos ever.