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04 July 2018

"Better Never than Late" Moltar

Various - New Wave Club Class-X8, Antler-Subway AS 5130 CD, 1997.
all decryption codes in comments

Cars (Zeus B. Held remix) - Gary Numan
Coitus Interruptus - Fad Gadget
The Alarm - Nitzer Ebb
Wahre Arbeit Wahren Lohn - Die Krupps
Game Above My Head - Blancmange
8:15 to Nowhere - Vicious Pink
Putain Putain - T C Matic
Wishing (if I has a photograph of  you) - A Flock of Seagulls
Dark Compagnion - Tuxedomoon
T.V.O.D. - The Normal
Shout - Tears for Fears
Holiday in Cambodia - Dead Kennedys
Nowhere - Snowy Red
The Bunker - The Bollock Brothers


bonus blast...

TC Matic - TC Matic, Parsley PP005, 1981.

Side A -
Bye Bye Till the Next Time
L’Union Fait la Force
With You
Stop Rock
The Parrot Brigade

Side B -
I’m not Like That
Give Them a Leader
Viva Boema
O La La La
Pitie pour Lui

Rock stop,

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