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26 August 2018

The Return of the (God)DubHead

By 2004 when Shake the Nation: A New Breed of Dub was released, Dubhead had already shot their load, IMO. They only pulled together 15 tracks as opposed to the 16 tracks they offered on the first three New Breed comps.

Most of their A-team Dubsters were MIA, having gone on to various other labels or projects: Nick Manasseh & Etherealites - Roots Garden; Ryan Moore (Twilight Circus) - Twilight Circus Dub Sound System; Centry, Music Family, Bush Chemists, Singer Blue, King General,  (all under the wing of the fantastic Dougie ‘Conscious’ Wardrop - East meets West, Hydroponics, The Dub Specialists) - Conscious Sound; Hi Tech Roots Dynamics (teamed with Martin Campbell) - Log On! & Channel One (UK); Mungos Hi-Fi - Scotch Bonnet; & Zion Train - Universal Egg.

These following Soundclash Sessions are from the more fertile 1999/2000 period with a healthy dose of the above mentioned artists. I’ll feature some of the individual acts in the next post. Since I’ve already touched on some of the sweet sounds of Conscious Sound, Roots Garden, & Twilight Circus, I’ll try to offer some less well known but equally righteous musick. But for now, my final Dudhead compilation.

Various - Dubhead Soundclash Series Session One, Dubhead DBHD 012CD, 1999.
all decryption codes in comments

Shaka Dub Plate - Twilight Circus
Jah Come - Messenjah
Get Conscious - Bush Chemists
Top Line Special - The I-Tones
Rejection (Festival mix) - Iration Steppas
Silence - Dub Specialist
Kik Loop 16 - Twilight Circus
Give a Helping Dub - Messenjah
Live Up - Bush Chemists
De Jah Vu - The I-Tones
Tribesman Dub (Dubplate Dub Dat mix) - Iration Steppas
My Thang - Dub Specialists

Spirals of Dub - Urban Dub
Bitch Licks - Mad Professor
Sea Otter - Zion Train
Barking up the Wrong Tree (Bullseye mix) - The Love Grocer
Ahisma - Vibronics
Skenga Dubwise 3 - Manasseh
Everywhere I Go - Urban Dub
Jaffa Dub - Mad Professor
Trancedub 3 - Zion Train
Gure Ametsa - The Love Grocer
Samsara - Vibronics
Underground Dub - Manasseh



  1. Session One
    Session Two

  2. no links. will be later?
    thank you!

    1. Sorry, this isn't the first time for the "Mysterious missing links". Should be okay now.

  3. Hi Nate
    Anonymous 2 here , thanks for this as i have first , btw have I offended you in some way ?
    It appears you have either overlooked or totally ignored my PERSON's Unknown comment asking about thier one and only LP .

    1. Anonymous 2 (if that is your real name), you have in no way offended me. I neither overlooked nor ignored your Persons Unknown comment. As I replied when you first queried me back in June on The Big Cover-up post, I am "not familiar...will ask around." I have, with no results other than an mp3 of one of their songs called "Cheap Side" from 1981.

      I had nothing further to tell you other than I had nothing further to tell you so I chose to tell you nothing further. I will let you know if I find a copy of their one & only Polydor album International Break, but until I do it doesn't matter how many times you ask.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hi Nathan
    Anonymous 2 here [ obviously not my real name , but to avoid confusion with another Anonymous poster ]
    Thanks for your response and the effort in looking .
    did you enjoy Cheapside ?
    Awesome guitar don't you agree ?
    Dubhead 2 password now ?
    Please tell me and hope you are having a great day .
    Thanking you for all that you do .
    Don't think what I have would be of the quality you present , plus I wouldn't know how to get it to you .
    You proved that sometimes Nothin' Sez Something which is obviously better than nothing at all .

    1. decryption codes in first comment.