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25 July 2015

Meet the Music People

I am here to rectify an oversight perpetrated by yours truly as well as many others. I'm always pimpin' Adrian S. & On-U Sound, & rightly so, as he/they are honestly great purveyors of high-octane UK Dub. Then after On-U, most people name-check Mad Professor & Jah Shaka, & rightly so (here's a taste of the two working together on "Morphing Dub").

There is one artist in the UK Dub roots field that for some reason gets overlooked much of the time, Dougie 'Conscious' Wardrop of Conscious Sounds, Centry, Bush Chemists (& on & on). I have been meaning to post up some of his fantastic Dub creations for some time now…& that time is now.

In 1988, Dougie Wardrop started his career in music while running Dub Shack Records at Camden Market. Wardrop was a fan of the Dub royalty of Jamaica: King Tubby; Lee Perry; Prince Jammy; & Scientist. Inspired by their DIY ethos, as well as work by early UK digital steppers such as Seventh Seal by Nick Manasseh & Warrior Stance by Dread & Fred (on Jah Shaka's label), he decided to create his own label "Conscious Sounds" & begin his own musical production. His first attempt at mixing was the instrumental Stepping Time, that he recorded on a 4-track at Nick Manasseh's house. 

Nick Manasseh was a sound system operator in London. Manasseh's sound system was originally built in 1985 by a group of school friends (Nick, Ed Maiden, & Billy T). They premiered their sounds on a Sunday morning at Notting Hill Carnival that year. Manasseh's sound system was originally based in West London in the Shepherds Bush area. Nick started producing music the same year for sound system dub plates. His earliest productions became Sound Iration. The first single Seventh Seal was issued on the Mystic Red label in 1988.

Dougie's first attempt, the Stepping Time 7" was released under the name Centry in September 1990. It became the launch of his imprint Conscious Sounds. Centry was Dougie along with two of his friends Chris Petter & Nigel Lake. The quality of the release quickly caught the attention of UK reggae artist Anthony 'Tena Stelin' Robinson. Anthony took the name Tena Stelin from the Amharic language of Ethiopia, which, translated, means 'greetings'. In 1992 Tena Stelin & Dougie released Tena Stelin meets Cenrty – Sun & Moon, Conscious Sounds DNC001 in the grand Jamaican tradition of a series of reggae tunes (Tena) & then their Version (Dougie). Here's an example: "Babylon Won’t Succeed /Version".

In 1990 Nick Manasseh had set up his first studio in Brixton. Manasseh Studio was a magnet for many visiting Jamaican artists including Dennis Brown, the Mighty Diamonds, Freddie McGregor, Sugar Minott, Brigadier Jerry, Josie Wales, Charlie Chaplin, Johnny Osbourne, & Junior Delgado. Much of Dougie's early recording for the Conscious Sounds collective’s output took place at the Manasseh Studio. Conscious Sounds quickly became one of the labels, if not THE label for Roots & Stepper music coming out of England. (here's a joint venture – "The Last Call")

Getting record shops to stock a new label's records was a hassle at first, but after receiving extensive play by Jah Shaka, Conscious Sounds sales picked up, which gave Dougie encouragement for further releases. After working with Manasseh on the labels first three singles, Dougie used the money made from those releases to invest in a 8-track & his recording facilities shifted to Nigel Lake's house.

In 1993 Wardrop formed The Bush Chemists as a side-project to Centry. His main collaborators are Paul Davey, Kenny Knots, & Culture Freeman. Bush Chemists first release was Jonah Dan meets The Bush Chemists ‎– Dubs from Zion Valley on the JKPD label. The first Conscious Sound Bush Chemists release was 1994s Strictly Dubwise. I am posting the CD version as it has five additional tracks.

The Bush Chemists – Strictly Dubwise, Universal Egg WWCD006, 1994.
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Tracklist –
Dub to Selaisse
Jah Kingdom Dub
Shanti Rock
Tribal Dub
Drug is a Ting
Some People Dub
Northern Lights
Tomb of Soloman
Healing Dub
Sub Dub
Bongo Man Dub
Maniac Dub
Firehouse Dub
Purple Skunk Dub

The Bush Chemists first US release was Dub Outernational, recorded in Wardrop's attic studio released in 1996 on ROIR.

Dougie & Conscious Sounds operated under various names beside Centry or The Bush Chemists: East meets West; Messenjah; Dub Specialist; & Hydroponics are some. (Messenjah was Dougie & his apprentice engineer Prento & East meets West was a collaboration between Dougie & Hiroshi mixing in oriental sounds to the steppa-style [Hiroshi was working at Conscious Sounds but he overstayed his visa & got deported back to Japan]). Inspired as he was by the pioneers in Dub, Dougie has never been too shy to experiment, but with all the electronic manipulation, this is not 21st Century Dub, this is high-powered JA style steppers.

In the late 90s Dougie struck a deal with the Dubhead label for the manufacturing & release of the music being produced by Conscious Sounds. The deal was abandoned when unpaid royalties & opposing attitudes on the direction of the music lead to disputes. Conscious Sounds is now once again an independent label. Aided by the internet & a new generation of Dubheads, Wardrop has been re-releasing long out of stock material. The side-label Lovedub has also been launched that features tunes & remixes previously only heard as Dubplates. Also since regaining independence, a string of high-quality 10"ers has been produced. All "DNC" releases are from the 90s. All "CS" releases are from after the label relaunched.

Well, I've rambled on long enough trying to correct my sins of omission. The best thing I can do is offer you what I have always felt was the best (& most personal) of all Dougie's work…

Centry meets The Music Family – Release the Chains, Conscious Sounds DNC CD004, 1994.

Tracklist –
Release the Chains (mix one)
Friend or Foe?
Rockers Stand Guard
The Longest Day
The Testament
Melody of Life
Saturday Steppers
Phases of the Moon
Dub Tropicana
Centry’s Freedom Song
The Outlaw
Release the Chains (mix three)

More time,

22 July 2015

Make Mine Veggie Teriyaki

Perennial favorite around these parts William S. Burroughs II traveled extensively throughout Mexico, Central & South America, Europe, & the Middle East in his day, but ended up settling down in Lawrence Kansas. He moved to there in 1981. He lived there for the remainder of his life.

He once told a reporter from the Wichita (Kansas) Eagle that he was content to live in Lawrence, saying, "The thing I like about Kansas is that it's not nearly as violent (as New York), & it's a helluva lot cheaper. & I can get out in the country, fish & shoot & whatnot." You all should know by now how much this Zero treasures his whatnot.

In Lawrence, Kansas in 1982, Burroughs developed a painting technique whereby he created abstract compositions by placing spray paint cans some distance in front of blank surfaces, then shooting at the paint cans with a shotgun.

Teriyakis hail from Lawrence, Kansas, & their music reminds me of Burroughs painting method. They kinda line up some lyrics & instruments of all kinds in front of their microphones & blast'em with their big guns. This shotgun method creates quite a sonic multiple-musicality between one song & the next or more often right in the midst of a song, aural creativity splattered against their musical canvas. Maybe they're sounding like a 60s style psychedelic pop band like Apples in Stereo, the next minute an early 90s indie rock mix of Pavement & Sonic Youth, then maybe a noisy punk band.

The influences of a band like Polvo can be heard in much of their guitar sound (no surprise that the release is produced by Bob Weston (Polvo, Sebadoh, & more). The dissonance & strange guitar tunings are prevalent in an outsider combination of bending guitars mixed with Teriyakis weirdness. You'll find creative samples mixed in with intelligent instrumentation & cool shifting time signatures mixed together to create amazing soundscapes disguised as songs with the essential freaky Teriyakis lyrics.

Ripped by me. Converted to 320 from lossless. Here Teriyakis are: Brent Piepergerdes; Hiram Lucke; Brandon Brown; Bill Lamboley; & Mia: The Radio Boll Weevil with Elizabeth Giffin on clarinet for "Return of the Panda"

This one's for a friend. In an e-mail, he stated (excerpted to remove the blush factor)…

"…a big part of what makes your blog…better than those that just have a cover photo and a download link,”

To be honest, I've sorta been leaning in that direction lately (I've been hella busy as of late [my lame excuse]) & so he was causing me to feel guilty, so I took a little time to do a bit more.

He also said…

"for sharing information as well as the cool, the rare, and the just plain odd recordings that are out there. "

This one's plenty odd & definitely out there.

Teriyakis - Haunted Hungarian Sauna, Priapus Records, 2000.
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Tracklist –
Brown Family Theme
Darth Waiter
Peter Lorre’s Big Red Munster
Pocketful of Sunshine
To My Daughter
Another Pocketful of Shame
Picaresque & Proud
Return of the Panda
Leon’s Yawn
Happy in Erie
Inside the Samba Drome
Helga’s Blues
Stroke Pt. II
Ryde Øë Ghêti

This Jon’s for Der,

18 July 2015

A Place of Delicate Beauty & Magical Charm

At 1:53 on “Souls Dirge”, the guitar comes alive & from then on we are transported to…

Larry Coryell – Fairyland, Universe Records UV 180, 1971.
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Tracklist –

Souls Dirge
Stones (Miles Davis cover)
Further Explorations for Albert Stinson

On Fairyland: Larry Coryell – guitar; Chuck Rainey – bass; & Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie – drums.

Recorded live in Montreux, Switzerland June 18, 1971. Front cover art by Gage Taylor.

Be Amazed,

16 July 2015

Love Under the Mexican Moon

Lately, I've been having this thing for Johnette Napolitano. I just don't want to get too far away from the sound of her voice, whether it's her solo Sketchbooks or Scarred (which I posted here) or her work as vocalist & bassist with Concrete Blonde

Here's a compilation of previously unreleased tracks. A great place to start for newbie (all three of you) & ConBlonder alike. If you haven't listened to this band before (I'm talking to you three, pay attention), these are some alternate versions to some of their finest styles ("God is a Bullet" live [for the L.A.P.D.], "Bloodletting" extended version, &  "Tomorrow, Wendy" live are particularly terrific). Then you can pick your favorites & go find the releases where they were featured. If you're already a fan, then here're some variations to add to the gold.

Concrete Blonde – Still in Hollywood, I.R.S. Records, 1994.
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Tracklist –
It’ll Chew You up & Spit You Out
Everybody Knows
God is a Bullet
Probably Will
The Ship Song
Joey (acoustic)
Little Wing (Hendix cover)
Roses Grow (live)
The Sky is a Poisonous Garden (live)
Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) extended version
Simple Twist of Fate (Dylan cover)
Side of the Road
100 Games of Solitaire
Tomorrow, Wendy (live)

Johnette has a 3-song solo EP entitled Naked that's a preview of her upcoming full-length solo album, tentatively set for release in September. Naked is, as the title suggests, a stripped down, acoustic set of Johnette's extraordinary voice & guitar.

Here's a taste, the third song entitled "Jazz on Vinyl". It’s a gritty ballad drenched in tequila & Johnette.


Carry-on Catastrophe Shock

This is a compilation of the first five Shock 7”ers with an extra track by each band. Comes with a 12-page booklet (included here). Most artwork by Savage Pencil except Drunk with Guns cover by Alex Binnie & Nurse with Wounds Sinister Senile EP cover by Steven Stapleton.

Various – The Portable Altamont, Shock SX012CD, 1991.
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Tracklist –

I Live in the Bottomless Pit
Bo Diddley’s Shitpump
A Guide to Canine Foreskin Retraction – Skullflower

Wrong Eye (vocals by Rose McDowall)
Meaning What Exactly? – Coil

She is Dead & All Fall Down
God has Three Faces & Wood has No Name
The Blue Gates of Death (Before & Beyond Them) – Current 93

Human Human Human (featuring Organum
Psychedelic Underground (in Memory of Lüüd Noma)
Scapegoat – Nurse with Wound

Drunks Theme
Punched in the Head
Cowboy (instrumental)
Fuck Off & Die You Worthless Little Faggot – Drunks with Guns

Enjoy or die, you worthless...

12 July 2015

Keepin' it Psychedelic

Chico Magnetic Band – Self-titled, Disques Vogue 17001, 1971.
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Face A –
Pop Pull Hair
Lots of Things
We All Come & Go

Face B –
To Where I Belong
My Sorrow
Cross Town Traffic (hommage à Jimi Hendrix)
Pop Orbite


07 July 2015

One More Hit of Acid from RUK (& Dr. Tim)

Here the players are:  Manuel Göttsching – guitar & synthesizer; Steve A – organ & synthesizer; Hartmut 'Hawk' Enke – bass, guitar, & synthesizer; Dieter Burmeister & Tommie Engel – drums with Timothy Leary, Bettina Hohls, Brian Barritt, Liz Elliott, & Portia Nkomo – vocals; Micky Duwe – flute & vocals. Recorded by Dieter Dierks at Dierks Studios.

Timothy Leary & Ash Ra Tempel – Seven Up, Die Kosmishen Kuriere KK58.001, 1973.
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Seite 1 – Space  

.a Downtown
.b Power Drive
.c Right Hand Lover
.d Velvet Genes

Seite 2 – Time 

.a Timeship
.b Neuron
.c SHe


04 July 2015

The Voyage of the Spaceship Galaxy

Back on August 23, 2014 I posted up a little history of The Cosmic Jokers. At the time I also offered up their second & third albums. Here’s is a follow-up with their first.

The Cosmic Jokers & Sternenmädchen _ Planeten Sit-in, Kosmiche Musik KM58.013, 1974.
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Seite 1 –
Raumschiff Galaxy Startet
The Planet of Communication
Der Nar rim All
Raumschiff Galaxy Fliegt in die Sonne
Intergalactic Nightclub
Loving Frequencies

Seite 2 –
Electronic News
Intergalactic Radio Guri Broadcasting
Raumschiff Galaxy Gleitet im Sonnenwind
Interstellar Rock: Kosmiche Musik
Raumschiff Galaxy Saust in die Lichtbahnen
Der Planet des Sternenmädchens


03 July 2015

Wet Dreams of a Romax Sound System

Came to Dub by way of punk. By '77 we were ready to tell the Corporate Music Machine to FUCK OFF. The shit they were playing on the radio. Then came Punk Salvation. With it came the awareness of all things JA: the political repression of the poor (read black); the way of Jah Ras Tafari; & of course, the sacredness of ganja. Dub had it all. Reggae just seemed a touch too??? New Wave, I guess, for this anarcho-crust. But one song that was making the rounds was the Reggae singer/porn crooner Max Romeo’s title track from his 1976 release War Ina Babylon. Somehow Max had found his way to the Black Ark & had fallen in with Lee Perry. Max had hooked up with the Upsetters & was chasing the devil.

Fast forward to 2005. Jamaican Recordings releases a Dub album from the reggae great. A Dub album recorded in 1974.  Before War Ina Babylon. This is strong MOJO.

What a cast of players: Max on vocals; Chinna Smith – lead guitar; Tony Chin & Winston Bo Peep – rhythm guitar; Robbie Lynn – keyboards; Winston Wright – organ; Tommy McCook – tenor sax; Vin Gordon & Deadly Headley Bennett – 'bone; Robbie Shakespeare – bass; Santa Davis – drums; & backing vocals by Cynthia Scholas, Marcia Griffiths, Barry Llewellyn, & Earl Morgan.

Once more special thanks to ASFM. I am always searching & to paraphrase the Proverb(s) on the cover: 'a searcher of music shall be overwhelmed by tunes.'  Overwhelm me, Jah.

Max Romeo – Crazy World of Dub, Jamaican Recordings JRLCD21, 2005.
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Tracklist –
Ethiopian Anthem
Dis Dub Nhu Free
Crazy World of Dub
Dub Trouble
Dub Down Rome
Dub for Moses
Dubbing Dangerously
Take Dub Serious
Dub Ganja
Love Thy Dub
The Dub Clock
Dis Ya Dubwise, Keep You Moving
Can’t Hide from Dub
Dub Forever

Dub forever,

02 July 2015

Spear of the Nation

Originally talked about this when I posted up Warzone by The Missing Brazilians.

From that post –

"One of the stalwarts of Adrian Sherwood's On-U Sounds Dub revival, Prince Far I, a man to grace any style with wisdom, a chanter to quake the walls of the city, a preacher to strike fear in the weak of heart, humble in the garden & proud in the city, was shot dead in Jamaica, September 15, 1983, one year short of his 40th birthday. "

(Prince) "Far I was close to completing a new album on the day of his murder. It was posthumously released under its working title Umkhonto We Sizewe (Spear of the Nation). Prince Far I's last session included the recording of a track called "Special Request" which "felt like he was saying goodbye" states Roy Cousins, lead singer of The Royals & producer of Far I's final recordings, who had been with Prince Far I that day in the studio. Cousins continues: "The next day I went to meet Prince at the studio but Jim Brown stopped me at Randy's Record Shop and told me that Far I had been shot last night and passed away. I was shocked and could not believe it, so I went to his home in Edgewater and found a large crowd, everyone filled with grief."

Roy made sure this final statement reached our ears. garychching from my blogging past (Always Searching For Music) made sure it reached my ears. Now I'm passing on the favor & hoping it reaches your ears.

Prince Far I – Umkhonto We Sizwe (Spear of the Nation),
Kingdom Records KVL9016, 1984.
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Side One –
Ask Ask
African Queen

Side Two –
Stop the War
Jerry Doghead
Special Request

Prince Far I with Roots Radics Band & backing vocals by The Viceroys, Jah Lloyd, & Winston Jarrett. Recorded at Channel One, September 1983 by Hopeton Overton 'Scientist' Brown. 
All tracks contain Dub versions.

From the back of the cover "Prince Far I tragically died before completing these, his final works."

28 June 2015

Rudi Don't Fail - The World's Oldest Teenager

Rudi Action Protrudi was born in Washington D.C. but like myself, he spent his formative years in the heart of Pennsylvania. At the age of 12, after seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, rock 'n' roll became his life. By the age of 14 Rudi had formed his first band, King Arthur's Quart.

He continued to play in local PA bands until 1976 when an audition for the Dead Boys provided him the opportunity to play bass with them at CBGBs. Although Rudi never became a Dead Boy, the New York experience led him to start a new band, Tina Peel with then girlfriend/live-in partner, Deb O'Nair. They moved to New York in 1977 & there their serious music careers started.

Tina Peel – More Than Just Good Looks 7", Limp Records Limp002, 1978.
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Side A –
Pyjama Party
Punk Rock Janitor

Side B –
Girl Talk
Fabian Lips

Here Tina Peel is: Rudi Protrudi – lead vocals & guitar; Deb O'Nair – vocals & organ; Rowdy Doody -  vocals & bass; & Jackson Plug – drums.

Rudi has said that Tina Peel was heavily influenced by The Monkees, Cryan' Shames, 1910 Fruitgum Company, & the Dave Clark 5. It was also the first band that Rudi assumed the role of frontman. Tina Peel became a popular NYC attraction headlining the major clubs of the time (Hurrah, Irving Plaza, Ritz, CBGBs), as well as appearing on several television shows including the cult favorite The Uncle Floyd Show. Although the band was courted by several major labels, they broke up when Rudi & Deb O'Nair formed The Fuzztones in 1980.

The Fuzztones' first studio LP Lysergic Emanations was released in 1985 & was a gold record hit.

The band previously released a live album with the legendary Screamin' Jay Hawkins in 1984.

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins & the Fuzztones – Live 12” mini-album,
Midnight Records MIRLP114, 1984.

Side 1 –
Alligator Wine
I Put a Spell on You

Side 2 –
It’s That Time Again
Constipation Blues

Musicians: Screamin' Jay Hawkins – vocals & piano; Rudi Protrudi – guitar & harmonica; Elan Portnoy – guitar; Deb O’Nair – organ; Michael Jay – bass; & Ira Elliot – drums.

The Fuzztones – Nine Months Later 12" EP, Music Maniac Records MM013, 1988.

Side 1 –
Nine Months Later
Girl, You Captivate Me

Side 2 –
Cheyenne Rider
The Greatest Lover in the World

Here The Fuzztones are: Rudi Protrudi – lead vocals, harmonica, & lead guitar; Jordan Tarlow – guitar; Jason Savall – organ; John Carlucci – bass; & ‘Mad’ Mike Czekaj – vocals & drums.

Another Rudi project, Link Protrudi & the Jaymen was set up as a tribute to Link Wray & the Raymen. This instrumental combo covered Link Wray classics like "Mr. Guitar", "Rumble", "Jack the Ripper", & "Rawhide" while contributing Link approved tunes like "Chicken Choke", "Avalanche", "Backfire", & "Psyclone".

Link Protrudi & the Jaymen – Drive it Home!, Music Maniac Records MM009, 1987.

Side One –
Chicken Choke
The Stroll
Mr. Guitar
No Stopping

Side Two –
Hanky Panky

Link Protrudi & the Jaymen are: Rudi 'Link' Protrudi – guitar; Michael Jay – bass; & 'Mad' Mike Czekaj – drums with Gordon Spaeth & Jon Weiss – saxophone & DebNair & Wendy Wild – percussion & yelps.

Rudi has also had a fertile solo career. His solo releases are more country than garage fuzz.

Rudi Protrudi – It’s a White Trash Thing, Music Maniac Records MMCD069, 1993.

 Tracklist –

L.S.D. Made a Wreck of Me
Fist City (Loretta Lynn cover)
Hotter Than She’s Ever Been
The First Mrs. Jones
Funnel of Love (Wanda Jackson cover)
Uncle Eef
Red Georgia Clay
(It’s a) White Trash Thing
Don’t Shake Hands with the Devil
Bedsprings & Wedding Rings
Stalking After Midnight
Cold Hard Facts of Life (Porter Wagoner cover)
Slow Ridin’
Train to Satanville
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

White Trash: Rudi Protrudi – lead vocals & guitar, organ, piano, & bass; Florida Slim – backing vocals & spoken intro ("Uncle Eef"), guitar & acoustic guitar; Chaz Smith – steel pedal guitar; Steve Neal – upright bass; Byron Reynolds – drums.

Tracklist –
Bad News Travels Fast
Johnson in Headlock
Gotta Get Some
Ward 81
Jack the Ripper
Action Speaks Louder Than Words
Highway 69
13 Women
Be a Caveman
In Heat
Brand New Man
She's Wicked

Rudi Protrudi with Lana Loveland featuring The Sextress is a CD tribute to The Fuzztones including 14 tracks from the IN SEX WE FUZZ European tour. Limited to 250 copies, sold out.

Here's a bonus groove from Lana w/ Rudi...

Lana Loveland – Order to Love, Groovie Records GROO0028LP, 2011.

Side A –
Black Glove
Missing Illusions
Theater of Dreams
Nervous People

Side B –
Missing Link
Silence Everywhere
Constant Furs

Lana Loveland - vocals & organ (as Jojo B.); Lenny Svilar – guitar;  Rudi Protrudi -  bass (as Slowey Thomsen); & Alex Tenas – drums (as Captain Schmidt).

Fuzz On,

Time for Some Darkjazz

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Self-titled, Planet Mu ZIQ141CD, 2006.
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Tracklist –

The Nothing Changes
Pearls for Swine
Adaptation of the Koto Song (Dave Brubeck cover)
Parallel Corners
Rivers of Congo
Solomon’s Curse
Guernican Perspectives
March of the Swine


26 June 2015

Chasing Their Tails

David J. – Blue Moods Turning Tail 12" 45 EP, Glass Records GLAEP101, 1985.

This Side –
Night of the Silver Veil
The Conjurer’s Hand
Ship of Fools

Other Side –
4 Hours


25 June 2015

The Botanical Roots of the Brotherhood of Dub

If you haven’t been reading The Brotherhood of Dub story cycle over at Siblingshot on the Bleachers blog, then you've really been missing out on something spectacular. Get your asses over there now & start reading "fucking felled by torpor" & work your way up to the top.

After I quoted some Black Uhuru lyrics from "Anthem", Ib replied that he had never really listened to Anthem what with the Grammy prize for a whitewashed version (Island remixed the album for US & UK release because they perceived the original version released in 83 in Jamaica would not sit well with whiter ears & this remixed version in fact won the Grammy). He said he would like to hear the original version. I’ll comment on that elsewhere.

Here is my contribution & source of my inspiration (if not my quote). Unreleased until 2004 in a special 4CD set, Dub Uhuru.

Black Uhuru – Anthem (original Dub), Island Records, 2004.
decryption codes & such in comments

All track previously unreleased.

Tracklist –
What is Life (Dub mix)
Try It  (Dub mix)
Black Uhuru Anthem (Dub mix)
Botanical Roots (Dub mix)
Somebody’s Watching You (Dub mix)
Bull in the Pen (Dub mix)
Elements (Dub mix)

Down with the Ministry,

21 June 2015

Crank Up the Hi-Fi...It's Dub Time

Five volumes of 21st Century Dub 
(even thought the first one is from 1999) --- forward thinking artists, no doubt.

Various – Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions: Chapter One, Guidance Recordings GDRC571, 1999.
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Tracklist –

The Emperor's New Clothes - Haunted Music
Dual Tone - Dub Massacre
Seven Dub - Rock It Tonight (Dub mix)
Small World - Livin' Dub
Uptight Productions - Get Uptight Man
Waldeck - Dreaming
Dual Tone - Atom (Dub Massacre 2)
Alex Cortiz - Room 505
Dual Tone - Reign Dub
The Butch Cassidy Sound System - Coming Storm
Grant Phabao - Andub Head Yudu

Tracklist –

Kieser Velten - Dubolition
Dubaphonic - Babylon Insight
Uptight Sound System - Righteous Dub
GCORP Meets Bobby Blue - Liberation Dub
Jah Warrior - Herbsman Anthem
Indian Ropeman - 66 Meters (Lower the Tone edit)
DZihan & Kamien - Ay Ay Ay
Tosca - Chocolate Elvis
Rootical Sound - Horny Dub
DJ Spooky The Subliminal Kid - Strykly Turntable Eyzd, Umm
Hughie Izachaar - Jungle Feva (Metics vocal mix)
I:Cube - Le Dub

Various – Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions: Volume Three, Guidance Recordings GDRC578, 2001.

Tracklist –

Cotton Belly - Tempest Dub
Blue Train - Give I Strength
Tosca - Annanas
Bacuzz - Sunday's Child
Boozoo Bajou - Divers
Nick Holder - Moments in Dub
Wicked Beat Sound System - Be Humble
Stereotype & Soothsayer - Dub Club Track
Daddy Ous - Tou Le Monde
DJ Krush - On the Dubble
Sonic Boom - The Dub & the Restless
Stryke - Ain't No Sunshine

Various – Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions: Chapter 4, Guidance Recordings GDRC580, 2002.

Tracklist –

Reggae Disco Rockers featuring Horace Andy – Baby
See-I – Why Not Tonight
Ticklah – Queen Dub
Roots Combination – Wicked a Go Dub It
Cutty Ranks – The Stopper (Richard Dorfmeister’s Full Moon 6 live Dub)
International Observer – London
Daddy Ous – Hard like a Rock (Groove Corporation Dub remix)
Groove Armada – Superstylin’
Smith & Mighty – B-line fi Blow
Sola Rosa – Don’t Leave Home
Boozoo Bajou – Bakar
Tosca – Orozco (Dubphonic remix)
Tosca – Honey (Supatone Dub remix)

Various – Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions: Chapter 5, Guidance Recordings GDRC583, 2003.

Tracklist –

The Butch Cassidy Sound System – Brothers & Sisters (the original Dub)
Thievery Corporation – The Richest Man in Babylon (GCORP Dub remix)
Inspector Ital – Ainu Dub
Western Roots – Bogus Buddy
Ralph Myerz & the Jack Herren Band – Savannah
Binder & Krieglstein – Wir Wissen Nicht (Shantel’s Bucovina Dub remix)
Stereotyp – My Sound
B & B International – Them (Phobos Peepl Dubplate remix)
Sola Rosa – Sleepwalker
Joël – Won’t Take No (Giorgio’s Lights Out Dub remix)
B & B International – Up!
Patchworks – Steve McQueen