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23 November 2014

Well, How Much???

Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit, & Holger Czukay – How Much are They? 12" 45rpm,
Island Records 12WIP 6701, 1981.
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Side A –
How Much are They?
Where’s the Money?

Side B –
Trench Warfare
Twilight World


16 November 2014

An Atmospheric Collection of Goodies

A new friend of NSS left a comment on the last Sad Lovers & Giants post, vaguely inquiring about further tuneage. Here is a real gem.

SL&Gs kinda went through a hard time between 1983 – 1987. They were on hiatus/broken up for those years. In 1987 Allard teamed up with Tony McGuinness & began releasing SL&Gs music again. The material on this 1984 release is a collection of previously unreleased material from their formative years.

Tracks A1 & A2 are demos recorded at Pet Sounds in early 1981. They were reworked for this release.

Track A3 was recorded live at The Venue, September 1982.

Tracks A4 & A5 are out-takes from the Colourless Dream sessions at Surrey Sound, Summer 1981. "Landslide" had already been released on the group's first 7” EP, 1981s Clé  & "Echoplay" is from Epic Garden Music which I recently posted. The versions here were remixed at Alaska the summer of 1984.

Tracks A6 to B3 are from a Radio One John Peel Session November 25,1981. "Sex Without Gravity" was never performed anywhere else. "Clint" & "Alice (Isn't Playing)" are also on Epic Garden Music (& another version of "Clint" appeared on The Thing From the Crypt compilation).

Track B4 was recorded live at the Brunel Rooms, Swindon, March, 1983.

Track B5 here is a different version of "Imagination" which originally appeared as the A-side of Clé. After Clé was released, SL&Gs wished to record a better version of the song. The version here is an out-take from the Feeding the Flame sessions recorded at Spaceward during the summer 1983.

On In the Breeze, SL&Gs is: Simon ‘Garce’ Allard – vocals; Simon ‘Tristan Garel-Funk’ Blanchard – guitar; David Wood – keyboards & saxophone; Cliff Silver – bass; & Nigel Pollard – drums & percussion, with Steve Carter – bass on tracks A1 & A2.

Sad Lovers & Giants – In the Breeze, Midnight Music CHIME 00.07M, 1984.
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Side One –
The Change
Sex Without Gravity

Side Two –
There Was no Time
Alice (isn’t Playing)
3 Lines

Don't be sad, enjoy

09 November 2014

Panic Land

"National Panic---since when did a man who is a man Panic?
National Panic?
Everybody inside, with his weapons to protect hisself & his loved ones.
Sauvé qui peut.
Every man for himself.
Chacun pour soi.
May Day. Aid Me. Aid me.
W.S. Burroughs - Last Words

Don't really get all political here at NSS very often. I live far from the madding crowd & by my own set of rules, but numerous elements converged recently to stir this rant.

Midterm elections just passed last Tuesday & the likes of 30% of the voting herd have determined our political future. WTF? Pollsters were asking folks here in California who they voted for to hold the Gubernatorial seat & the most common reply was: "I didn't know that was on the ballot. I thought it was just a bunch of meaningless measures & replacement School Board representatives." Duh!

That ties in with the book I'm reading right now, Generation of Swine by Hunter S. Thompson. It is specifically about the 1980s but obviously the Generation is still going strong.

"Huge brains, small necks, weak muscles, & fat wallets---these are the dominant physical characteristics of the ‘80s…The Generation of Swine"

The only thing noticeably different is that the brains have shrunken & the wallets have gotten fatter.

Listen, you racist sons o' bitchin' swine. You need to lay off the Hillbilly heroin for a few days, dust off your memory modules, strap 'em on & think back to the days when Dubya was steering the Ship. Everything…& I truly mean everything, was so much more fucked up then. & today's Grand Old Peckerheads & their Teabagger Party cronies make Georgie Boy look like a bleedin' liberal.

Take a good look at the picture above. You think the plundering pachyderm helped with that, think again. File it in your Grey-matter Hotel. The new Congressional Whoremasters are dead set on making sure you never see that again once they're done & it’s gone.

"The Big Lie that we force or persuade enough people to believe.
Fascism never needed a majority, just 10%, plus the military & the police. &
how easy to persuade, when a little piece of power is the carrot.
We have been abandoned here on this planet, ruled by lying bastards of modest brain power. 
No sense. Not a tiny modicum of good intentions. 
One lie piled on another. 
Lying worthless bastards."
WSB – Last Words

Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine – The Audacity of Hype,
Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 411, 2009.
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Side One –
The Terror of Tinytown
Clean as a Thistle
New Feudalism
Panic Land
Electronic Plantation

Side Two –
Three Strikes
Strength Thru Shopping
Pets Eat their Master
I Won't Give Up

The School of Medicine's enrollment here is: Kimo Ball – guitar; Ralf Spite – guitar, keyboards & backing vocals; Billy Gould – bass: Jon Weiss – percussion & drums. Headmaster is Jello Biafra. Artwork by Shepard Fairey.

Enjoy it while you have the Freedom,

02 November 2014

Dia de Los Muertos

Be back soon.

26 October 2014

Change is the Only Constant, Teen!

Watched the first episode of the new NBC series Constantine this week-end. I'm no Vertigo/DC Comics pantheon fan boy, but I like Hellblazer, Sandman, & a few similar comics. I liked the 2005 Constantine  movie (I'll admit I'm a fan of Ted 'Theodore' Logan…liked him since River's Edge, which although a work of fiction, was inspired by the actual murder of Marcy Conrad, who was killed by her boyfriend Anthony Jacques Broussard in Milpitas, California in 1981 while I was living there…but I digress) so I decided to check it out.

Constantine’s business card with a 404 (Atlanta, GA) area code. 
You can call the number & hear a voice-mail message from Constantine directly.

Constantine is John Constantine – Exorcist, Demonologist, & Master (Dabbler) of the Dark Arts (he's having his business cards reprinted). Preceding this first episode, Constantine’s band, Mucous Membrane, stumble upon a gory murder scene at the Casanova Club. A possessed young girl by the name of Astra Logue is identified as the suspected perp. Constantine attempts an exorcism, but the exorcism fails. The demon responsible is Nergal, a recurring nemesis of John's. Constantine heads to Ravenscar (Secure Facility for the Dangerously Deranged) for some good ole Electro-Shock Therapy treatment to help him forget.

The show has cool atmosphere & visuals (IMO some good CGI effects). The show offers many nods to comic fans (see the essential relics in Jasper Winter’s collection).

The pilot was a bit crowded, as it had a great deal of character & storyline explaining to do (quickly establishing a vast, comics-based mythology for a mixed audience is no easy task), but I think the coming episodes should open up a bit.

All in all kinda messy but that’s how I live my life…KINDA MESSY!

Brian Tyler & Klaus Badelt – Constantine OST, Varèse Sarabande 302 066 636 2, 2005.
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Tracklist –
The Cross Over
Meet John Constantine
Deo et Patri
Into the Light
I Left Her Alone
Circle of Hell
Last Rites
Encountering a Twin
Flight to Ravenscar
Someone was Here
Hell Freeway
Ether Surfing
The Balance
Absentee Landlords
John’s Solitude
Constantine End Titles


20 October 2014

It’s not Rocket Appliances

Watching way too much Trailer Park Boys, as usual. Playing to "Ricky’s Theme"

Since I have a 'plutonium loveship' with Sunnyvale Trailer Park’s resident horticulturist & wordsmith...in the words of the Bard of Nova Scotia, “I don’t have enough people words to make it understand you the way it understands me.”

The In Sounds of Way Out!!!

(Wait ‘til I start juxtaposing musick & The Mighty Boosh. Oh, yeah…you’ve been warned.)

Beastie Boys – The In Sound from Way Out!, Grand Royal CDEST2281, 1996.
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Tracklist –

Groove Holmes
Son of Neckbone
In 3’s
Eugene’s Lament
Bobo on the Corner
Lighten Up
Ricky’s Theme
Drinkin’ Wine


18 October 2014

Fortunate Son

Kim Fowley Jr. – Son of Frankenstein, Moxie Records –MLP06, 1981.
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Alcoholic Side –
The Face on the Factory Floor
Bad News from the Underworld
Devil Doll Serenade

Psychedelic Side –
Fred Loves Betty
Invasion of the Polaroid People
Destination Judy
Other Side of the Sun
World '99

Kim Fowley Jr. – vocals, piano, & synthesizer; Gary Blue & Ronnie Rocket – guitar; Rich La Bonte – synthesizer; Laurie Bell – piano; Invisible Man – bass; Dennis Heartbreak – percussion with Joe Public – percussion on ''Other Side of the Sun''; & The Runaways Class of '84 – backing vocals. (Kim Fowley impersonating his non-existent son in one crazy record, even for KF.) This is truly The Shit!


16 October 2014

I've Got Some Lamb's Bread, Now You Do, Too!

King Tubby – 100% of Dub, Select Cuts SELECT CUTS 2005, 2003. 
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Tracklist –

Flag Dub
Drumillie Rock
Dub Fever
Roots Dub
Real Gone Crazy Dub
Stalawatt Version
Better Version
Roots Dub
Crime Wave
Lambs Bread Herb
Jah Jah Dub
Dubbing My Way
Tubby’s at the Controls
Declaration of Dub
Water Dub
Narrow Dub
Tribal War
Rub a Dub
100% of Dub

100% of Dub is brought to you by: Earl 'Chinna' Smith & Radcliffe 'Dougie' Bryan – guitar; Augustus Pablo, Bernard 'Touter' Harvey, Johnny Clarke, & Ossie Hibbert – piano; Ansel Collins, Gladstone Anderson, Jackie Mittoo, & Winston Wright – organ; Tommy McCook, Bobbie Ellis & Roland Alphonso – saxophone; Lester Sterling & Bobbie Ellis – trumpet & saxophone;  Georges Fulwood, Lloyd Parks, & Robbie Shakespeare – bass; & Carlton 'Santa' Davis, Carlton Barrett, & Sly Dunbar – drums. Perfectly mixed by Osbourne 'King Tubby' Ruddock.

This is a Declaration of Dub,

10 October 2014

If You Drop the H it's a Whole 'nother Thing

Chris & Cosey – Allotropy, Staalplaat STCD 002, 1989.
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Tracklist –

Allotropy was comissioned in June 1985 by Allotrophy Exhibition’s Jan Smith-Merritt & Stephen Hill, two American video artists. It was composed to accompany their performance video, reflecting not only the visuals presented but also the artist’s personalities, an integral part of the whole project. The final video piece is not available but by releasing the music this CD stands as evidence of its existence. Staalplaat originally released this on cassette in 1987.


05 October 2014

Epic (Garden) Music

Previously featured Sad Lovers & Giants Email from Eternity (kinda the best of…). Here’s their earliest. SL&G are great anytime. I have most everything if anyone has any request(s), let me know.

Sad Lovers & Giants – Epic Garden Music, Midnight Music CHIME00 01, 1982.
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Seaside –
Clocktower Lodge

Countryside –
Cloud 9
ART (by Me)
Alice (Isn’t Playing)
Far from the Sea

Simon ‘Garce’ Allard – vocals;  Simon ‘Tristan Garel-Funk’ Blanchard – guitar; David Wood – keyboards & saxophone; Cliff Silver – bass; & Nigel Pollard – percussion.


03 October 2014

Primitive Enema

Now that really is a Butt Trumpet.


Bianca (R.I.P.),

Geronimo & crew did a show for EAT POOP! in San Jose back in 1993, covering much of this material.

They gave me a cassette which I still have & cherish, but rarely play (endangered format). This is from the CD release, so you have no excuse but to hear the (Butt) Trumpet roar.

Butt Trumpet – Primitive Enema promo, Chrysalis 7243-8-30671-2-1, 1994.
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Tracklist –
Funeral Crashing Tonite
I’ve Been so Mad Lately
Classic Asshole
Dead Dogs
I Left My Flannel in Seattle
I’m Ugly & I Don’t Know Why
The Grindcore Song
Primitive Enema
I Left My Gun in San Francisco
Ten Seconds of Heaven
Ode to Dickhead
Pink Gun
In the Butt (Trumpet)
hidden track


01 October 2014

Two Steaming Heaps of Free Porn (Musick)

Even if you have never seen a porn movie in your lifetime (loser…no, just joking…loser…no, just joking again…lo---), this CD is like watching a porn video without the video. Aural sex. So turn the lights down low, light a few candles, put this on the stereo & let the magic Porn Groove take you wherever you want to go.

Produced by Mr_Melvis. Illustration & layout by Jay Beckman.

Various – Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka (Porn Music for the Masses Vol. 1),
Comfort Stand Recordings csr049, 2004.
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Tracklist –

Take Me Now - Nick Chapman
The Love God - Martinibomb
Vuluke Khall (instrumental version) - DJ Bootsie
Ici la Femme (XXX Lounge King mix feat. Louise Vertigo) -The Lounge King
It Was a Dream - Ton Rückert
Hatesex - Mr. Juno
Suck My Disc - Sonny Jim
Gloria - Pearls of Joy
Baise et Rebaise Moi - Lubna Lux
Half an Hour is for Free - The Devil in Miss Jones (feat. Fats Bob Trumpet)
Give Me Anal Pleasure Please - Maquina de Atender Telefone
Wooden Shoes in Tirol - De Zwervende Keien
Silk & Sweat - Thybbuk
Brainwank (Psycho Food edit) - Colektro
The Porn King - The Funky Filter
Lophophora Williamssii - Eldad Tsabary
Whose Fantasy is this, Anyway? - Mr. Melvis (feat. Ms. Deameanor & R. Stevie Moore)

& from the insert notes:

“It’s a hot evening – the air hardly moves – you feel as if you are having trouble breathing … A thin sheen of sweat covers your body, but an even heavier weight presses down on you – a heavy urge that seems to come from the deepest recesses of your brain. A small, white hot light inside of you that grows brighter and brighter until it seems to take over your every thought. You slowly walk over the cabinet/drawer/closet/box and reach inside, grasping for that object which drives you. Removing an item, you slowly walk over to the ‘machine’ and insert the item into it. Flicking a small switch, images slowly flicker to life on the machine’s screen and you are transfixed – the object of your desires springs to life and you are drawn in to the depths of your fantasies. A pulsing, driving sort of music orchestrates the intense acrobatics on screen. You are drawn in not only by the images, but also by the drive of the music, it’s siren song luring you closer and closer to the completion of your journey. You have just entered ‘The Porn Zone’.”

“20 tunes of porn groovieness with a bonus track featuring a ‘Behind the Scenes’ look at the porn industry that will be sure to titillate even the most repressed listeners. It’s time to turn those lights down low again, & get it on.”

Artwork by Eric Kilkenny.

Tracklist –

Pink Fizz – The Protagonist!
You? Porn! You? Porn! You? Porn! You? Porn! – Cleft
Paul – Happy Elf
Lose Control – Dyabolical
Love Her to Death – Ereritjaritjaka
The Making of ‘RoXanne’ (The FliX miX) – JR Claiborn
Sweet Somethings – Jeffery Letterly
Does that Turn You On? – Lemon
Strange Wedding 60908 – Marcel
Very Deep Pleasure (with John Cage) – Mikrosopht
Muff Diver – Narcotic Syntax
The Phenylethylamine Affair – Savages
autoero Tik – 8m2Stereo
In Memory of a One Night Stand – The Drifting Boulders
Soul Thing – Principle Fetterman
Liquid – Soulfool
Love Lickin’ – V-Trap (feat. F Master F)
Miss Skeleton – Sean Ryan Woodward
The Making of ‘RoXanne’ (re-prize) – JR Claiborn
Strong Women – Hydropods
Reel Fantasies: Billy’s First Day on the Job – Mr. Melvis & R. Stevie Moore

Love ta Love ya Baby,

27 September 2014

Más Márs

Even in death, the Mars Volta still manages to entertain us.
Unreleased The Mars Volta material
published on Aug 17, 2013
decryption code in comments


1 - Clouds/Orchestrina
2 - Molochwalker (early demo)
3 - Sea Is Rising (demo)
4 - possible Omar Rodriguez-Lopez solo demo
5 - possible ‘Casate Colmillo’ demo
6 - Postulate
7 - elements later used in the live version of “Trinkets Pale of Moon”
8 - another possible ‘Casate Colmillo’ demo
9 - Whisper To Your Flinch/Peeling Off
10 - Happiness (demo)
11 - needs a name
12 - Clouds/Orchestrina (demo)
13 - Asco Que Conmueve Los Puntos Erogenos/New York City (demo)
14 - Vicarious Atonement (demo)
15 - Clouds (Early Omar demo)

Available elsewhere, but also here.

25 September 2014

Holy Grail

It’s been quite a while that I’ve gone without anything from musical genius Bill Nelson. The posts for his music are the most visited & most enjoyed of all my posts.

For a long time, Northern Dream was the Holy Grail I was questing for from Señor Nelson. Released the year before he helmed the mighty Be Bop Deluxe, ND is quintessential Bill Nelson. 1971…this is still rock, you understand, but I’m in no way apologizing for its excellent quality. This ranks with Syd Barrett & Marc Bolan. In 2012 Cocteau Discs reissued this treasure on 180 gram vinyl. I was lucky enough to get one of the 250 limited edition records with a repro/original Smile Records cover, a 12" booklet, lyric sheet, & signed postcard. If you want this, you can find it.

The other day I was wasting some ill-gotten gain feeding my vinyl addiction & came across a copy of the Butt UK 1980 release in near-mint for less than an arm & a leg. I am going to feature one track from that mono-only release, "House of Sand" as a taste/teaser.

Fast forward ten years. Bebop had been replaced by Red noise & now red Noise was silent. Bill was on his own again. Here is another of his earliest solo ventures that I have let slip but will quickly rectify.  Quit Dreaming & Get on the Beam was released in 1981. This one is not so easy to come by here in the States. It was re-issued in Europe & the U.K. on Mercury in 2005 with seven additional bonus tracks, so if you want more than the original, search it out.

Bill Nelson – Quit Dreaming & Get on the Beam, Mercury 6359 055, 1981.
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Side 1 –
Living in My Limousine
Vertical Games
False Alarms
Decline & Fall

Side 2 –
Life Runs Out like Sand
A Kind of Loving
Do You Dream in Colour
Youth of Nation on Fire
Quit Dreaming & Get on the Beam

bonus track –
White Sounds (from the Living in My Limousine (remix) / White Sounds 12” EP – included as a bonus track on the 1986 Cocteau Records CD re-issue (as “White Sound”).

But the earliest Bill Nelson I have is on 1970s A►Austr – Musics from Holy Ground. Try that out, completists.

The photograph shows Cass Yard & the archway leading out to the main street, Kirkgate. It was taken by Mike's brother, Kevin, one Saturday in 1970. The final cover of Musics used a black screen print on a bronze card, only showing the four women in the photo above: Yvonne Carrodus, her sister Gail, Gail's friend Denise, & Shirley Levon, Mike's partner. The picture also featured Mike (on the left) & Chris Coombs (right). Bill Nelson turned up on spec. He can be seen at the rear brandishing his Gibson guitar.

 Bill playing with a couple A►Austr dudes.

A►Austr – Musics from Holy Ground, Acme 010101LP re-issue, 1995.

Side 1 –
Prelude to Change for Arthur
Thumbquake & Earthscrew
Change for Arthur
Between the Road
Hawaiian War Chant
It’s Alright

Side 2 –
Essex Queen
D Minor Minuet
A Curse on You
What Did You Go?
Grail Search

Aw, the Grail search. Circles within circles. On the wall through the archway behind Bill entering Cass Yard is a mysteriously appearing Grail image. You decide…

Yield to the Full Nelson,

20 September 2014

Phoning It in from the Bleachers

 Flying Canyon In Another World

decryption codes in comments

Track list –
Summer, Silver Lake
The Trouble behind Mr. Peterseon’s Eyes
All My Girls are Singing
Danny, Let’s Rest Here
Mr. Brandon’s Halo
Everything Dying Sings
Franklin’s There Are

Golden Hotel was: Cayce & Sidney Linder.

Flying Canyon – Flying Canyon, Soft Abuse SAB017, 2006.

Track list –
In the Reflection
Down to Summer (thanks Ib)
Crossing by Your Star
The Bull who Knew the Ring
The Dawn Curtain
This Can’t be My Home
At Night When the World Goes Quiet
Black April (hidden track)

Flying Canyon was: Cayce Linder (RIP) – vocals & guitar; Shayde Sartin – bass; & Glenn Donaldson – drums.


19 September 2014

No Class...NØ Sez, "Real Class"

Bronze Records 104 782, 1982.

Side A –
Stand by Your Man
Side B –
No Class


& Now for Somethin’…Completely Different

Tändstickorshocks – Allan Vogelan Hebban Nestas 7" (45rpm side & 33 1/3rpm side)
King Kong Records (6)-5, 1979

Kant 1 – Allan Vogalan Hebban Nestas (45rpm)
To Hell with Shell
Religion pt. 1
Kill for Peace
Religion pt. 2
School Army Working Dying

Kant 2 – Tænkar Anderledes (33 1/3rpm)
VI Tænkar Anderledes
T Rights
Song for a Guy
It Stinks
The Wall


14 September 2014

Like Noise only much more Quiet

Art of Silence – artofsilence.co.uk 2xLP, Axiomattic Records PERM LP32, 1996.
decryption code in comments

Disc A –
West 4

Disc B –
Who Are You?
Giant Below

Disc C –
Giant Above
Giant Within

Disc D –
Messenger of Heaven
Fear No Malice
Some Other Dream