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26 February 2013

Gimme a Chaw a' thet Tabackee

Climax Golden Twins Chawin' Tabackee, thet is

Seattle, Washington has a good number of off-kilter bands, but if you asked a native who they thought was the most outré, well, a lot of folks would say Climax Golden Twins. The core duo of Jeffery Taylor & Robert Millis have been baffling musickal expectations & subverting musickal conventions since 1993. Their back catalog contains everything from beautifully somnolent drones to fractured field recordings to scalding noise rock to surreal sound collages to rickety folk songs. They also possess a deep knowledge of musick history that informs their art. If you’re a movie buff, you might know the group from the soundtrack they did for the 2001 cult horror film Session 9

 5 Cents a Piece is a 2007 offering from Climax Golden Twins with the addition of Dave Abramson. Released on Abduction Records on 180 gram vinyl in a one-time only pressing of 500 copies, it was soon out of print. It features the heavy electrified trio improv attack mode they’d been utilizing at live shows. It has that twisted twang & sinister folk not unlike the  Session 9 soundtrack I mentioned above, a compromise between their wild avant garde side & their more prosaic rock.

On 5 Cents, CGT are: Robert Millis – guitar, vocals, electronics, toys, & percussion; Jeffery Taylor – guitar, slide guitar, vocals, electronics, & piano; & Dave Abramson – drums, percussion, vocals, & electronics.

Climax Golden Twins ‎– 5 Cents a Piece, Abduction ‎– ABDT038, 2007.
decryption code in comments

Side A –
Diabolic Mind Control
Clammed Up
Unfortunate Attribute
Enchanted Boat / Another Funeral
Decade of Hookers
Mancini at Dinner

Side B –
The Pillow
Mancini Returns
Oregon Vortex Rag
Nick from Crippler
Sociology  Room
For the Exited (don’t know if this was a typo & they meant excited, by the sound of the tune, or if they meant for those who already left [exit-ed])


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