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10 November 2007

Oh,Man It's...like...DRAGSVILLE

Nathan Nothin' here.

The question is, if the XKE beats the COBRA on the first turn, will the STING RAY, that was out shot on the line by the '58 PLYMOUTH with a 408 V-12 FERRARIC engine, be able to retune his radio before he has to down shift on the second switch back to keep his RPM's up to 5800.

Of course, one must keep in mind the fact that since the STING RAY's driver is wearing one lavender mitten & sun glasses, he must avoid using his rear view mirror in order to keep the glare of the moon out of his eyes. Another problem the Sting Ray's driver is having at this point is getting "Bach's Prelude & Fugue In D Minor" off his radio & getting "Mashed Potato Time" on! But, alas, as he hit his automatic selectomatic radio tuning knob, he missed a shift & the big red STING RAY spun out & stalled...which just goes to prove that if you don't buy this record, you won't find out who won the race!

DRAGSVILLE!! Drag Music --- this is it. Although we feature DRAG CITY & LITTLE DEUCE COUPE, this entire album is a must. We recommend particularly MISTER HOT ROD & DRAGSTER ON THE PROWL. So slow down & give THE WOOFERS a chance to act up.

DRAGSVILLE by THE WOOFERS...wyncote W-9011...1964

Drag City
Hot Rod Races
Mister Hot Rod
Wailin' Wheels
Ridin' the Rails
Little Deuce Coupe
Bench Racer
Dragster on the Prowl
Cool Bash
Down by the Draggin' Strip


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