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20 January 2008


Nathan Nothin' here.

It is with an anguished heart that I post today.

Yesterday, my dearest friend, guitarist & composer Rick 'G-Funk' Smith of Joyride, lost his seventeen year old son, Alex "Young Ace" Smith to senseless gun violence.
Alex was at a party where a fight amongst some other party-goers erupted into gunfire. Alex was struck in the back by a random bullet that pierced his lung & he bled out before doctors could save him.

I have not the words to say to convey how I feel---the mixture of sadness, loss, & anger.
As always for me, when overwhelmed by life (or in this case death), I turn to music for solace.

Shot Down With a Gun - Steve Diggle & Flag of Convenienc
If It Were Up to Me - Cheryl Wheeler

UPDATE: Suspect held in Smith slaying
January 26, 2008
Yuba City police arrested a Williams man Friday in the death of Alex Smith.

Gregory Kevin Wilson Jr., 19, was arrested at 1:45 a.m. Friday on suspicion of murder, according to Police Department records. Wilson also was arrested on suspicion of attacking 19-year-old Deandra McGraw during the same Frederick Street house party where Smith, 17, was murdered last Saturday, said Webster. McGraw suffered a broken jaw.
I was working on a new posting when this all transpired, & I just lost interest in it all.
Here's something to fill the void for now...
New Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame inductees - The Ventures


  1. Oh man, how horrible.
    I HATE guns.

  2. Sad to hear this, but why are you blaming the gun? Why not the person who actually pulled the trigger. If the kid was stabbed to death, would you have said "Fuck Knives!"? Just giving you something to think about...

  3. Dear 'anonymous',

    I probably wouldn't have called the post 'Fuck Knives'. Knives have many other purposes than stabbing someone. Guns have no other purpose than to kill. You think about it.