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28 June 2008

What the Frightwig?

Subterranean gives up another one...

["Some wild women that rock pretty hard...arguably the rowdiest, raunchiest, & just plain best bunch of female rock 'n' rollers in the U.S. Funny, furious, & Flipperesque. Check it out"
(Subterranean Records sexist Mailorder flyer)]

Ladies & Germs,...Frightwig!!!

Deanna Ashley (bass) & Mia Levin (vocals & guitar) formed Frightwig in San Francisco in 1983 because they "were bored with the cheezy male dominated rock scene & the growing number of 'hair' bands". The duo were then joined by Cecilia Lynch (drums) & were now ready to kick serious ass! 1984 saw the release of their debut album Cat Farm Faboo.

"Anyone interested in doing a genealogical study of the roots of riot grrrl rock must include this tremendously influential San Francisco band. Ferocious, funky feminists, Frightwig's debut LP was a brain-burning chunk of white-hot noise rock, loaded with unsubtle sexual politics ("My Crotch Does Not Say Go") & fueled by punk rock bravado that never let up. Flying in the face of every conventional (i.e., male-defined) attitude of a woman's place in contemporary rock, Frightwig simply got in your face & stayed there. A lot of feminist-inspired women rock bands of the '90s, like L7, Bikini Kill, & Bratmobile, owed a debt of gratitude to this pioneering band." ~ John Dougan, All Music Guide

- Cat Farm Faboo, Subterranean Records SUB 46, 1984.

Side 1:
The Wanque Off Song
My Crotch Does Not Say Go
Jeri's Song
I Got Lost
Hot Papa
A Man's Got to Do What a Man's Got to Do

Side 2:
Only You
Take This & Fuck Your Head
I'll Talk to You & Smile
Tomorrow Never Comes
Something's Gotta Change

(ripped from glorious vinyl at 256kbps)

UPDATE: An anonymous commenter (one of my pet peeves) asked for the Frightwig song "I Support You" from Phone Sexy & since I dig that tune, here it is.


  1. Nathan:

    I would be interested in the Mo Tucker w/ Sun City Girls. I have rips of the other ones you have mentioned though. If you haven't heard of the blog Experimental, Etc., you have to check them out. awhile back, he posted almost everything in their discography.

    I used to work at Music Millennium in Portland, OR and a bunch of the Carnival folklore Resurrection CD's came in used. Because funds were low, I wasn't able to buy them all. I managed to put four of them in my holds for awhile, but finally I settled on just burning them. I have "The Handsome Stranger", "High Asia/Low Pacific", "A Bullet Through the Last Temple" and Cameo Demons and Their Manifestations". Let me know if you don't have any of these.

    Cheers, Kevin

    P.S. I added your blog to my "Frequently visited " links

  2. Great blog (just stumbled on you looking for some Died Pretty stuff)!

    I've seen you posted "Next to Nothing"! Thanks a mil for that.

    Would you by any chance have and be willing to share "Everybody Moves"???


  3. Filomila,

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry that I don't have your request for Everybody Moves. I'd be glad to share it with you if I did. Maybe someone will read these comments & upload it somewhere for all to enjoy. I'll keep an eye out for it & if I find it I'll let you know.

    Cheers to you,

  4. Thanks for this...used to have it back in the day. Saw them "opening" for Descendants at City Gardens in Trenton. But Milo and cohort$ decided to play before them so they could go play another gig after, leaving an empty house for Frightwig. They were like, "What the fuck, I guess we'll get paid to rehearse". Way to go, Milo! Not only that, I used to photograph bands back then (check my myspace via my blog for cool pics, incl. Frightwig) but Milo set up a "No Photos" policy that night, at a venue I shot at 3-4 times a week. Needless to say I was furious, went to the back, grabbed a bunch of handbills, scrawled shit like "No photos? Is this what you LEARNED in college?", as well as other witty jabs. walked up to the stage and threw them all up there. Milo walked around reading them, then all he had to say was "Boy, someone's really pissed at me". I could never stand listening to Descendants after that night...

  5. Hello!
    Hope you're doing well...
    I'd like to listen to FRIGHTWIG song 'I support you' again (from Sexy Phone) but it's nowhere to be found on the web... Can you share it if you have it?
    Thanks a lot, keep up the good work!

  6. Are you a (hu)man or are you a(nony) mous(e)? Maybe you don't have a google or blogger account, but how about signing your name, nickname, or handle at the end of your comments so I can at least tell one anonymous from another. I'm all for privacy, but yer askin' a favor of me here, so let's get a little personal. That said, check the update in the body of the post for the link, 'cuz I dig that song, too.

  7. Thanks a lot Nathan,
    I couldn't find the disc anymore so I've ordered it. Won't get it before 2 weeks I guess so it's good to be able to chech the tune again.
    My name's Elodie and I'm French, I've no blogger or Google account, but I should have identified myself somehow, you're right. Thanks for posting the song though and ‘see you’ on another entry I guess.

  8. Elodie,

    Glad I could post up your request. If you're ever back & find something you like, leave a comment. It's much appreciated & if you ever have any further requests, feel free to ask...can't promise the results, but...

    Sorry if I got all agro about the anonymous thing, it's just a bit more personable to have a name to respond to, even if fictitious, as I tend to get all the anonymous mixed. Elodie, much nicer.

    NØ (that's nothin' to one & all)

  9. Ok, I won't hesitate to comment from now on (always been the silent readers type of visitors). Thanks for the welcoming answer (and again for the song).
    Also, don't apologize for the anonymity remark: in retrospect I regret my move and like Frightwig sings it ‘I support you’ on that matter... :)
    À bientôt !

  10. Thanks!! We love frightwig but did not have much up on the streaming station at live365.com/stations/sfpunk77. Now we will have tons! We used to see them back in SF and a couple of us from sfpunk77 did get to see them in the 21st century as Grey Wig at Cafe du Nord. Wild.