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05 July 2008

What the F? - part 6

Before the beginning..........

Although not what I'd usually post, but because this here is a peek into my vinyl vault, because it was requested by a very dear friend, & because I think Peter Green happens to be a phenomenal guitarists, What the F? presents...

Fleetwood Mac

Then Play On is the third album by once blues/rock but for this outing rock/blues band Fleetwood Mac, released in September 1969. It is often considered the best album by the Peter Green line-up of the band & one of the best rock albums of the late 1960s. It was the first of FM's original albums to feature Danny Kirwan & the last with Peter Green. Without Green, Fleetwood Mac sucked more & more with each passing year & album. The follow-up, Kiln House, is listenable but not the Green Mac.

Peter Green - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Danny Kirwan - vocals, guitar
John McVie - bass
Mick Fleetwood - drums

Additional Personnel:
Christine Perfect (soon to become Christine McVie)- piano, back-up vocals (uncredited)
Big Walter Horton - harmonica (uncredited)

(Although Jeremy Spencer is pictured on the inside of the album & is usually listed as member on Then Play On, he does not in fact appear on either this US release or the original UK release, as he only contributed the piano part on "Oh Well (pt. 2)". "Oh Well" was not released until after the September debut of Then Play On. After "Oh Well (pts 1 & 2)" (released November 1969) became a hit single, it was added to the US line-up, & some of the other songs were either deleted or moved to Side 2. The album presented here is the original US release.)

Then Play On - Fleetwood Mac, Original US LP Reprise RS 6386, September 1969

Side 1:
Coming your way (Kirwan)
Closing my eyes (Green)
Fighting for Madge (Fleetwood)
When you say (Kirwan)
Show-Biz Blues (Green)
Under Way (Green)

Side 2:
Although the sun is shining (Kirwan)
Rattlesnake Shake (Green)
Searching for Madge (McVie)
My Dream (Kirwan)
Like crying (Kirwan)
Before the beginning (Green)

The two songs ("One Sunny Day" & "Without You") were deleted from the US release as they had already appeared on the compilation English Rose, originally a US-only compilation, combining 6 tracks from the UK-only Mr. Wonderful, 3 UK non-album single sides, one other previously-unreleased track, & the two not-yet released songs from the UK version of Then Play On. Very confusing, but...


(a cd version of this album was released in 1990 & contains about the same songlist as the 1969 album re-release)

UPDATE - FOR LEESA...by request from a interested party, the two Danny Kirwan tracks left off the original U.S. release (see reason above).

One Sunny Day
Without You

Enjoy leesa & all,


  1. Thanx so much for this!

    I was looking for the original Brit vinyl, but this will have to do. Do you have the two omitted Kirwin tracks, sir?

    Thanx again!

  2. leesa,
    sorry it took this long to post up the tracks you requested. i have been really busy & just finally got time to go back through this jungle & lure out all the tigers. i didn't know how to contact you, so...they're here now.

  3. Thanx so much for these!

    I am still confused as to the different versions of this GREAT album...

    A of folks complain that any of the CD versions sound like shite (probably mastered from a Safety Master because they couldn't find the Original Master) and that the original Vinyl has the best sound.

    I assume that this would mean the Original release vinyl, seeing at most subsequent vinyl releases were probably also from Safeties.

    I guess I need to research it so I can make my own Special Edition version... Any ideas, sir?

    In case anyone cares: I found the regular CD version on this blog that takes about 9 years to load:


    Thanx again!!!

  4. Oops... forgot to ask:

    Where did you get the two Danny Tracks (@320)?

  5. I ripped the tracks I first posted from the original release album. I could possibly be persuaded to re-rip them at 320kbps & re-upload them (only if you stop calling me 'sir'. I'm just nothin').

    I believe the omitted tracks were originally ripped from The English Rose original release album. I downloaded them several years ago & don't rightly recall from whence they came. I have never been a Fleetwood fan, only a Peter Green man, so I am no expert on the various versions & their sound quality.

    Thanks for the return visit, the interest in a great great album, & for commenting once again.

  6. And thank you for responding.

    I love that album. It was in my older brother's vinyl collection. I remember he told me that the (vinyl) version that he bought to replace an old worn out vinyl sounded really crappy in comparison to his worn-out original version. So he kept 'em both.

    Someone really needs to put out a Special Edition, maybe with a few other tracks from that time that weren't on albums.

    The Green Manalishi is one...

    Dragonfly is a nice Kirwan track that I think is from that period too.

    I guess I'll have to make my own in iToons.