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15 July 2008

Life is Ugly so...

 UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 08/18/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

I was living in NYC when I first got into punk, but shortly thereafter (summer 1979) moved to the Bay Area, CA. I became a regular around the San Francisco clubs. There was an incredibly lively scene (The Mab, On Broadway, Deaf Club, then later Club Foot). There was also a burgeoning L.A. scene so I scarfed up every comp. I could find (Hell Comes to Your House, Keats Rides a Harley, etc.) in order to learn the So-Cal bands & decide which ones I liked. I think my all-time favorite album & one I listen to a great deal even today is Life Is So Ugly Why Not Kill Yourself (if only for the cynical Saccharine Trust "Disillusion Fool", possibly their greatest tune)

New Underground Records NU-11,1982.
decryption codes in comments

Side 1 -

RED CROSS "Rich Brat"
DESCENDENTS "I Want to Be a Bear"
ANTI "Fight War Not Wars"
ANTI "I don't Wanna Die"
ILL WILL "Paranoid"
ILL WILL "Midnite Deposit"
CIVIL DISMAY "You're So Fucked to Me"
CIVIL DISMAY "Warhol Genius"
CHINA WHITE "Criminal"
CHINA WHITE "Solid State"

Side 2 -

MINUTEMEN "Shit You Hear at Parties"
MINUTEMEN "Maternal Rite"
100 FLOWERS "Sensible Virgin"
URINALS "She's s Drone"
ZURICH 1916 "The Children's Song"
PLEBS "Payday"
SACCHARINE TRUST "Disillusion Fool"


UPDATE: Borneojimy wanted to know about the other two Life is... albums. Mark Underground has posted both Life is Boring & Life is Beautiful.
Thanks for the comment & request Borneo
Thanks for the post Mark

UPDATE update: there seems to be some confusion about the song order & track listing for Life is Beautiful..., so be sure to read the comments after the post.

UPDATE update UPDATE: It appears all versions of these two other great albums are no where to be found, so I took it upon my self to post them here. Also, a few notes about song list confusion: Marshall Mellow - "Marshmellow Children" is listed on both Life is Boring & Life is Beautiful. It is the 6th song on Side Two of Life is Boring, but is not on Life is Beautiful. This throws off the tracklisting for most who ripped the album & trusted the song list on the back. Also, the band MIA is the Ventura band & the songs on these comps are their only known extant tuneage, they are not the more well known Orange County band MIA.

Various - Life is Boring so Why not Steal This Record, New Underground Records NU-44, 1983.
decryption code in comments

Various - Life is Beautiful so Why not Eat Health Foods, New Underground Records NU-55, 1983.
decryption code in comments


  1. By any chance do you have the other 2 "Life Is..." comps? Those are fucking impossible to find & I haven't heard either one in about 25 years!

  2. Borneojimy,

    I used to have all three of these but the two you asked about are MIA. I am in the process of acquiring them by trading my first born. When I get them, I'll post them up. Keep checking back.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hey, no promises about viruses, haha!
    Thanks for yr kind words, Nathan.
    So far as this here rekkid, I used to have it and totally forgot about it. Gettin it now though!

  4. Thanks for this Nathan Nothin!

  5. I fucking love Saccharine Trust. Thank you muchly for posting this!

  6. Ugly

  7. this is awesome glad you posted this - Danny Dean Phillips - ANTI and New Underground Records www.dannydean.com

    1. Thanks you so much for the comment. It is certainly a privilege to hear from you. I still have my original copy of Mood of Defiance NOW.

      For those of you who might not know??? Danny Dean was the lead vocalist, principal songwriter, & guitarist of the hardcore punk band Anti featured on Side 1 of Life is Ugly… & co-founder of the DIY punk label New Underground Records along with the late Gary Kail (also of MOD) at the height of South Bay California’s hardcore punk scene in the late 70s. He was also the guitarist & bass guitarist for the avant-garde band Mood of Defiance.

      Check out his website to find out what he's up to today.