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18 September 2008

The Enigma Variations

I'm going to be in San Francisco all week-end at the Treasure Island Music Festival & I plan on not being in any condition to post for a few days afterwards as well, so here's some tuneage to tide you over until whenever...

Enigma Records was a popular rock & alternative record label in the 1980s, focusing on punk rock, alternative, & heavy metal though it also released techno, jazz & classical music through subsidiary labels. It was initially a division of Greenworld Distribution, an independent music importer/distributor, from which it split off in 1985 to become its own company. The label was initially located in Torrance, California, then El Segundo, California & finally Culver City, California.

Released in 1985, this two disc compilation of Enigma artists was released to showcase Enigma acts to help promote the newly independent label. Quite a mixed bag.

Side One:

Maniac - Screamin' Sirens
from the Enigma LP

Shadowdrive - The Jet Black Berries
from the cassette version
of the Enigma/Pink Dust LP
"Sundown on Venus"

Flesh on the Wall - Naked Prey
from the Enigma/Down There EP
"Naked Prey"

Oh Mother - Tex & the Horseheads
from the Enigma/Bemisbrain LP
"Tex & the Horseheads"

Straight Ahead - Greg Sage
from the Enigma LP
"Straight Ahead"

Time Stands Still - Chris D./Divine Horsemen
from the Enigma LP
"Time Stands Still"

A Blind Man's Penis - JohnTrubee
from the Enigma single
"A Blind Man's Penis"

Side Two:

No Easy Way Down - Rain Parade
from the Enigma EP
"Explosions in the Glass Palace"

Disengaged from the World - Plasticland
from the Enigma/Pink Dust LP

Worm Boy - The Pandoras
from the unreleased Enigma EP

Just for the Moment - Get Smart!
from the Enigma/Fever LP
"Action Reaction"

Leaving Trains - Leaving Trains
from the Enigma/Bemisbrain LP
"Well Down Blue Highway"

Sixteen Ways II - Green on Red
previously unreleased version
of a track from the Enigma LP
"Gas Food Lodging"

24 - Game Theory
from the Enigma/Rational LP
"Real Nighttime"

Side Three:

Insurance from God - 45 Grave
from the Enigma LP
"Sleep in Safety"

Blue Funk - The Effigies
from the Enigma/Fever LP
"Fly on a Wire"

Juvenile Justice - Kraut
from the Enigma/Cabbage LP
"Whetting the Scythe"

Citadel - Redd Kross
from the Enigma/Gasatanka EP
"Teen Babes from Monsanto"

Flowers by the Door - TSOL
previously unreleased version of a track
from the Enigma LP
"Change Today"

True West - Channel 3
from the Enigma EP

Side Four:

A Situation Of - Cathedral of Tears
from the Enigma EP
" Cathedral of Tears"

The Yellow Boat - Passionel
from the Enigma EP
"The Apostle"

Lebanon - The Untouchables
from the Enigma?Twist EP
"Live & Let Dance"

Where Did We Go Wrong - The Pool
from the Enigma/Moment LP

Cowpunk - Scott Goddard
from the Enigma/818 EP
"Your Fool"

Playback - SSQ
previously unreleased



Thanks to a comment from anonymous (ph), I found out that the link to this file was dead. It has be re-uploaded 31 October 2008. If any further problems occur, please let me know. Thanx, NØ

Re-uploaded as per Renfrew requestrew 2rew Mayrew 2013rew. Thanks good sir.


  1. I had this record. Some great stuff like Leaving Trains, Greg Sage,John Trubee and The Pandoras, some okay stuff like Kraut, Rain Parade, and some awful stuff like that Scott Goddard track. Look forward to revisiting this piece of my youth.

  2. Aesop,

    Exactly right, my friend.
    Some great, some okay, some awful.
    You just never know what is what to whom. John Trubee definitely. Tex & Chris D. always have their followers, & the Redd Kross track sounds good.

    There is an Enigma Variations II that has Dead Milkmen, Agent Orange, Wire, TSOL along with the Peter Hamill, Game Theory, & SSQ crap. I think it is already available elsewhere.

    Enjoy what you can, shit can the rest.

  3. Freakin' awesome.

    Do you know where II is? I had these both "back in the day". Wore the vinyl right out.

    Thanks & more thanks if you can help with the other.

  4. this link is gone
    can you please repost it?


  5. I used to have this album. I've been looking for it for a long time. Thanks for posting it. The track The Yellow Boat - Passionel has some skips in it? Do you think you can re-rip it?



  6. Uncle Frank1/7/09, 1:43 AM

    Thanks man, I had been trying to find this Leaving Trains track for about 12 years. I hope your days swing groovy.

  7. Excellent! Discovered this on cassette while still in high school in the 80's and it was a huge inspiration... so awesome to hear these tunes again after all these years! :D

  8. Good post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

  9. Brim over I assent to but I think the brief should acquire more info then it has.

  10. Thank you, thank you very much !!!
    I've been looking for a long time.

  11. Thanks for the great blog - is there any possibility of a re-up? I've been looking for this forever.

    Either way, thanks again.

    1. I have re-uploaded this to MEGA. They have proved reliable so far. Thank you for letting me know your interest in this post & your kind words. If there is anything else, I will re-up any request that I still have.

      Mega decryption code

  12. Cool. Thanks again for this one.

    Years later I'm still looking for Enigma Variations 2.

    1. Yeah, you & me both. If you ever find it, please let me know. I'd love to share.

    2. Don't know if you'll get this comment or not.
      I finally bought a copy of Enigma Variations 2'
      I'll rip it & post it this weekend.

    3. Got it and looking forward! Cheers!


  13. Wow - what a great way to wake up. Thanks, NØ!

  14. nevermind I got it.

    and thanks for the Ornette aswell

  15. I downloaded 1, I already had it probably from when you first put it up. there are skips on at least 3 songs, worm boy, flesh on the wall & no easy way down. I'm not complaining.I checked my vinyl copy and it looks very nice. checked 2 and also virgin, I also have mint copy of restless variations from 87, I must of been a careful with my records as a teenager.

    what I don't have is a record player :)

    anyways maybe one day we could get an upgrade on one and restless up:

    A1 The Neighborhoods - Arrogance
    A2 Get Smart! - Back Into the Future
    A3 The Outlets - Tilted Track
    A4 The Dead Milkmen - Bitchin' Camaro
    A5 Electric Peace - Work So Hard
    A6 Straw Dogs - Young, Fast Iranians
    B1 Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper - Ain't Got Nobody
    B2 The Lazy Cowgirls - Rock of Gibraltar
    B3 28th Day - Dead Sinner
    B4 Villanelles - Each New Day
    B5 John Trubee and The Ugly Janitors of America - Ex Lax for Cheryl Tiegs
    B6 Fear - More Beer


  16. Replies
    1. Guess I'm just a fanboy at heart, but John Trubee just commented on my blog. Sweet!