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09 December 2008

Maybe take away their guns?

Copied without permission from 7 Dec. 2008 Sacramento Bee...

Group seeks to keep police officers alive
Danger is from their own guns, research sez...

"Far more police officers killed themselves with a firearm last year than were gunned down by criminals...research indicates that as many as 150 police officers killed themselves last year, usually with their service weapon.

During that time...55 officers were shot to death by criminals.
So far this year...about 80 police suicides nationwide. Another 20% may go unreported because many police agencies still view suicide as a disgrace.
'The facts are covered up, the families are shunned.' "
by David Richie

Cop Shoot Cop - Get Gone (unreleased-unmixed from final recording session)

Feeling safe now, are you?

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like we should arm the pigs here in the U.K. too!!