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09 December 2008

Pablo Picasso's Never Been Called an Asshole (not by me)

UPDATE: This post was
re-uploaded 09/19/2013.
Enjoy, NØ

During a recent exchange concerning "Pablo Picasso" by Jonathan Richman, I had said I liked John Cale's version of said song. I found out not everyone is familiar with it, or the album it comes from, so...here 'tis.

John Cale - Guts, Antilles AN-7063, 1977.
decryption code in comments

Guitars - John Cale, Chris Spedding, & Phil Manzanera
Bass - John Cale, Pat Donaldson, Archie Leggatt, & Trevor Burton
Drums - Timmi Donald, Phil Collins, Fred Smith, Raymond Duffy, & Keith Smart
Keyboards - John Cale
Saxophone - Andy Mackay
Synthesizer - Brian Eno & John Wood
Percussion - John Cale & Tony Carr
Vocals - John Cale
Backing Vocals - Geoff Muldaur, Alan Courtney, Liza Strike, & Barry St. John

Side One -

Mary Lou
Helen of Troy
Pablo Picasso
Leaving it All up to You

Side Two -

Fear is a Man's Best Friend
Dirtyass Rock 'N' Roll
Heartbreak Hotel



  1. This album cover is a minor revelation, too, with John Cale clearly anticipating - or auditioning for even - Jason's starring role from Friday 13th a couple of years later. Chilling stuff.

    Phil Collins on drums ? Jesus.

  2. PS. Great portraits, too.

  3. hell yeah! i love this album! one of my favorite "rock" albums. he sounds so unhinged. i kind of like this version of pablo picasso better than the original.

  4. Thanks! been searching for this for ages.

  5. Fuck yeah! Been on the hunt for this for a while... thanks!

  6. MEGA decryption code

  7. his best lp. He thinks it's foolish