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07 April 2009

Creepy Crawl Part 1

This post has been re-uploaded 11/04/2017.

I snuck back in to the house when no one was home. They had been using my stereo & playing records. There were albums galore. With Radio KLPD still ruling the airwaves, they had apparently indulged in an orgy of vinyl. I requisitioned a bottle of maple syrup for the lemonade I'm living on, from the lemons I pick off the tree in the field where I'm staying. I slunk back to my tent. I'm a Taurus & I'm stubborn as hell, so I'm not giving in this easy. This is what I found on the turntable. (Ferry's no Ka-Spel, but "A Song for Europe"...)

Roxy Music - Greatest Hits, ATCO Records SD 38-103, 1972.

Jeté de ma propre maison,


  1. I have been looking for well over 10 years now for the Playground 7" with KPF and The Vomit Pancakes since some tweaker 'friends' stole my copy.

    I gave up looking for it several months back but tonight in a sentimental drunken stupor I searched for it again. I came across this site and I am ever so grateful.

    Not just for this offering but for so much more. Pink Section? For fuck's sake. Who remembers them? Not only them but The Offs?

    Great site. I am now a huge fan.
    Thank you!

  2. We Tauruses (Tauri?) gotta stick together. You must have a birthday coming up soon! I tried to email you to find out more about the wonderful song "Nah Nah Nah" that you sent me, but the address I have for you (dumpbush@outgun) was undeliverable. No, no, no!

  3. Any chance of a re-up of this PLEASE ?
    If you have '' In every dreamhome '' please include if it isn't too much trub :)
    The Oldest Groover In Town [ OGIT ]

    1. Give me a couple days & I'll have it re-upped.