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16 April 2009

The Return of the Legendary Pink Dots

 UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 08/24/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

The obscure concepts that form the basis for individual Pink Dots releases can be overwhelming at times on first listen. They often take repeated playings to fathom the great depths that is LPD. The Whispering Wall is an excellent entry point for anyone attempting to take on this behemoth of a band. The opening track on Dots' albums is usually a good indicator as to the thematic framework & musickal vein of that particular offering. The Whispering Wall begins with the strident, guitar driven "Soft Toy", a wonderful portent of things to come, the first of many surprises. Another highlight of the album, "For Sale," is one of the most polished Dots tunes ever, a great means of introduction for the uninitiated. If I haven't convinced you to check out this band, well, try starting here.

Legendary Pink Dots - The Whispering Wall, Roir RUS8286, 2004.
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 Traclkist -

Soft Toy
A Distant Summer
In Sickness & In Health
For Sale
King of a Small World
The Region Beyond
The Divide
Sunken Pleasures - Rising Pleasure - No Walls, No Strings



  1. Well. I'm going with your recommendation to begin with the Dots here, but I'm being pressed for a password when I click on the DL link...

  2. Sorry, ib.
    The link is now fixed. Thanks for the heads up on that.

  3. A pleasure to discover this gem - been hearing about the Dots for ages - worth the wait.

  4. Hey! There is some really inspired stuff on this LP as I've just discovered. It's hard to believe I haven't heard some it previously. Nice. I posted a cut from it over at my place with a link back here. There is a Ghosts song from '90/'91 which seems to be coming from precisely the same place as "In Sickness & In Health". Pleasantly strange.

  5. I'd highly recommend "The Maria Dimension" and "Dream Waver"; I was introduced to LPD through these two albums, and was absolutely blow away. I look forward to checking this one out; thanx for this!

  6. Anonymous,

    The Maria Dimension & Dream Weaver are both great releases. If you enjoyed them, then you'll like this one, I'm relatively certain. Have you heard the second part of Dream Weaver...Dream Weaver II, Malachai? It is imho even better than part I, it has guest by steven Stapleton.

  7. MEGA decryption code