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10 May 2009

I Put a Ka-Spel on You

Happy Muthasday, you Muthas.

Prayer for Aradia has gone through many changes since its initial inception. This one has been released several times, originally in 1985 as a 30 minute cassette on the French label Bain Total (K24). The original tracklist is as follows:
A1 Premonition 8 (1:53)
A2 Flesh Parade (5:08)
A3 Purity (2:42)
A4 Purified (0:26)
A5 Forgotten (2:25)
A6 Davritt (0:46)
B1 Outsider (2:54)
B2 Invocation (0:35)
B3 Love In A Plain Brown Envelope (3:32)
B4 Love On A Stained Glass Window (1:08)
B5 Close Your Eyes, You Can Be A Space Captain (4:01)
B6 Premonition 9 (3:05)

These tracks were recorded in 1981/82 at Chez Dots in London using primitive equipment. This was before LPD had relocated to Amsterdam.

The Legendary Pink Dots - Prayer for Aradia,
Terminal Kaleidoscope TEKA 666 NL,1996.

When it was re-released on cd in 1996 by Dutch label Terminal Kaleidoscope (TEKA 666), the tracklist was as follows:
1. Prayer for Aradia Part One:
Premonition 8
Flesh Parade
2. Prayer for Aradia Part Two:
Love In A Plain Brown Envelope No. 1
Love On A Stained Glass Window
Space Captain No. 1
Premonition 9
3. Premonition 5
4. A Spanish Bridge
5. Stoned Obit 1980
6. Peace Crime 2
7. Professional
8. Brill
9. Sensory Deprivation
10. Temper Temper
11. Amphitheatre Shuffle
12. Before The End
13. Fin

The original cassette release was now the first two tracks, titled "Prayer for Aradia Part One" & "Part Two", with no track seperation. Track 3, "Premonition 5" is from the 1983 Rising from the Red Sand cassette compilation on Third Mind (TMT04). Track 4 & 5 are previously unreleased. Tracks 6 thru 13 are from Chemical Playschool Volumes 1 & 2, originally released in 1981 as a limited edition on two cassettes from the U.K. label Mirrordot (02/03).

Big Blue, a Polish label re-released the TEKA cd in 2003 (L 0142) with the same tracklist but with different cover art.

Musicians on the original release are: Edward Ka-Spel - vocals & keyboards; The Silverman - keyboards; Stret Majest (Barry Gray) - guitar; & Patrick Q. Paganini - violin, viola, & piano. Various additional musicians appear on the subsequent releases.

Second Birth. Sing While You May. Lazhmelih

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