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24 May 2009

Spam Blog

I have just been informed that this here Nothin' Sez has been flagged by Blogger as a Spam Blog.
I don't know what the hell that means, but I find it awfully insulting, being a life-long vegetarian.
Just serve me up some long pork instead.


  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spam_blog

    Well well well...!


  2. How did they bring this to your attention, Nate ?

    The curse of blogger strikes again. BTW, enjoyed the BöC.

  3. Ib,
    when I went to post a new post, there was a notification on my dashboard that one of their computer programs had tagged my blog as a possible spam blog??? & that if I wanted to continue posting & contest the fact, to let them know...I had twenty days & then they would remove my blog for good (for their good, obviously). they would have a 'human' check & determine if it was spamblog or not. The human checked, decided I was not Spammy, & they removed my post block (my h@cker friend in the meantime enabled me to post the above spam post, block or no...so f@ck blogger.

    Thanks for you concern & glad you liked the cult post, apropos to May.

  4. I had the same issues with an old myspace account of mine. Did you have had any (javascript) code on your blog or something?