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19 July 2009

The Nothing Changes

Just got finished re-reading Norman Spinrad's epic Bug Jack Barron. The godfather of the cyberpunk movement is my estimation. If you haven't..., you should have. In the immortal (literally) words of 'The Black Shade':
(last penultimate paragraph before the epilogue)

"You, out there, you suckers, you!"
he shouts.

"Look at the thing you made! We all made..., we always make...,because there'll always be men who know the Big Secret: we can all be bought. Who wants to die? Who wants to live in a rat-trap? Who wants to eat garbage? They know it, & they suck on it---politicians! Power-junkies, giving you just enough to keep you bought with Welfare & Medicare & Niggercare & nice-sounding Lies; crumbs from the table, is all! Just enough & not a crumb more. Hold your noses & take a good look around you for a change---we've got a thousand...calling themselves Governors, Congressmen, Senators, Presidents. What are you gonna do about it? Sit on your fat asses like you always have? Or maybe go out & get yours...

Well, suckers, had enough? Or are you gonna let it go on & on & on till you die? Just remember, though, when you die now, you die alone."

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - The Nothing Changes


  1. Spinrad and Bruner (stand on zanzibar) indeed, no cyber-punk without 'em

  2. Awesome! Norman's on Facebook, btw. Check him out and say hi!