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04 July 2009

We're Late for Class

Another Collection (2009) We're Late For Class

We're Late For Class is an improvisational psychedelic college collective who've been posting free albums on line for over 2 years. Another Collection is their 40th. 2-CDs, 142 minutes, of uncharted improvisation & drug fueled excess, including a seance with Jim Morrison, a musical romp with O.J. Simpson, a homage to producer Jimmy Miller, the theme song for a low budget cable comedy sketch show, one too many accidental nods to Hawkwind & stoned tributes to Ali, Guess Who guitarist Kurt Winter, Pink Floyd & whatever was on the box that given weekend. It's all culled from their previous 19 releases (#21-#39). Last year's #20 A Collection features highlights from #1-#19. WLFC is also prone to 20, 30 & 40 minute space jams, but didn't have the space to include any this time. The best part? It's all free for the taking. You can find We're Late For Class at any local hash bar or at their blog We're Late For Class.

<a href="http://werelateforclass.bandcamp.com/album/40-another-collection">Herd Mentality by We're Late For Class</a>

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