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24 January 2010

Times Square

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 10/19/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

A couple weeks past my friend Matt posted up “Your Daughter is One” from the Times Square soundtrack. I hadn’t really thought much about that movie or the musick from it in quite some time. I dug out a VHS tape of the film & watched it. It was corny/cool as many timepiece musickals are, & the musick is of varying quality, as movie soundtracks have a tendency to be. Had this movie been made in, say, 2005, it would not be such a monumental undertaking to patch together songs from that era, but the fact that this movie came out in 1980 & that the musick was fresh at that time says a great deal about the integrity of this undertaking.

The movie was produced by RSO Records big-shot Robert Stigwood & his record label was able to compile quite a respectable line-up of acts. “Babylon’s Burning” by The Ruts, “Grinding Halt” by The Cure...Patti Smith, The Ramones, Lou Reed, Roxy Music, Gary Numan & more.

Of course there are the movie numbers...character Nicky Marotta's (Robin Johnson) punk song "Damn Dog" is included, as is her duet with David Johansen, "Flowers of the City" & the above mentioned duet with Trini Alvarado, “Your Daughter is One". Although the movie was re-issued on DVD in late 2000, the soundtrack has never found its way to cd. It might not be as filled with hits as some compilations, but it is far better than many. A re-issue should have instant appeal to fans of this cult film. Also it should be of interest to those who haven't seen it . I would guess that contractual difficulties with so many disparate artists may have been the reason. & with so many various artists, this post might not last too long, so you better grab it while you can.

Various Artists - Times Square OST, RSO Records RS-2-4230, 1980.
decryption code in comments

Record 1 Side 1 -

Suzi Quatro - Rock Hard
The Pretenders - Talk of the Town
Roxy Music - Same Old Scene
Gary Numan - Down in the Park
Marcy Levy & Robin Gibb - Help Me!

Record 1 Side 2 -

Talking Heads - Life During Wartime
Joe Jackson - Pretty Boys
XTC - Take This Town
The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated
Robin Johnson - Damn Dog

Record 2 Side 3 -

Robin Johnson & Trini Alvarado - Your Daughter is One
The Ruts - Babylon's Burning
D.L. Byron - You Can't Hurry Love
Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side
Desmond Child & Rouge - The Night Was Not

Record 2 Side 4 -

Garland Jeffreys - Innocent, Not Guilty
The Cure - Grinding Halt
Patti Smith - Pissing in the River
David Johansen & Robin Johnson - Flowers of the City
Robin Johnson - Damn Dog (reprise - The Cleo Club)
(the only song from the film that i noticed not included on the OST was “Dangerous Type” by The Cars. I have added that song [side two track 5 from Candy-o] here for your listening pleasure. Do with it what you will)



  1. Hey NØ thanks for this. I used to have the record somewhere.
    How you doing?

  2. I really enjoyed your blogs
    I'm Brazilian artist
    I hope my blog
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  3. Still have the LP - a quirky but great mix of music! Thanks for posting.

  4. MEGA decryption code

  5. I've been looking for this for years! Thank you so much.

    1. Always glad to fill a need. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Thank-you for this,one of my favorites from my younger days....

  7. to self-described PIA,

    Sorry I deleted your comment. You commented several times & I was deleting the duplicate comments & seem to have gone crazy & thrown then all away. You are not being a pain anywhere & I am more than glad for the comment.

    Where it says Various Artists - Times Square OST under the album cover art in the post, that is the file link at MEGA. In the fifth comment above is the MEGA decryption code. Just copy the decription code (cut & paste style)& select the MEGA link. When you arrive at MEGA, they will request the decryption code. Just paste where prompted & the .7zip file will be ready for download. Unzip when download completes & enjoy.

    If you still have any problems, I did an April 2015 post called MEGA MESS that should answer any further questions (read the comments as well). If that doesn't help, comment here again with details.

  8. Thank you so so much! I own this on vinyl (which is in storage) and I'd downloaded the MP3 years ago and that server crashed and I lost everything. I've been looking for this since then. Cheers!

  9. thank you!!!!
    just discovered this great film....and was now searching for the soundtrack...great