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13 January 2010

Be Bop Redux

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 09/07/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

A while back I posted most of the Bill Nelson musick that I have. I have since received some very encouraging comments, most from folks who like M. Nelson but no longer have the ability to enjoy his analog output in this digital age. So I completely overlooked some of his releases that I had on cds. The other day I was going through a box of old cds & came across these three, so, without further ado, here they are, in no particular order...

Bill Nelson - Blue Moons & Laughing Guitars,
Caroline Records CAROL 1878-2, 1992.
all decryption codes in comments

Tracklist -

Ancient Guitars
Girl from Another Planet
Spinnin' Around
God Man Slain
The Dead We Wake with Upstairs Drums
New Moon Rising
The Glory Days
Angel in My System
Wings & Everything
Boat to Forever
The Invisible Man & the Unforgettable Girl
So it Goes
Fires in the Sky
Dream Ships Set Sail

Mercury 983 1027,2005 (original release MER B19, 1983).

Tracklist -

The Real Adventure
Everyday Feels like Another Drug
Tender is the Night
Glow World
Another Day, Another Ray of Hope
Hard Facts from the Fiction Department
Acceleration (long version)
Acceleration (dub version)
Acceleration (short version)

When I first did this post, I had included Getting the Holy Ghost Across. I explained at the time some of the changes it had gone through during its lifespan (see comments for more information). Because I was not happy with the version I posted, I removed it from the post following lengthy discussion with visitors & friends of NSS. I have hopefully corrected those issues, addressed them somewhat here, & am returning the release to its original place, now that I am happier with the results. I am posting the cassette files & track order, as that is where I originally ripped the files. I have included the other listings for information purposes for purists. Hope you all enjoy.

On Getting the Holy Ghost Across, the musicians are: Bill Nelson – vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, bass, keyboards, marimba, drums, & percussion; Iain Denby – additional bass; Andy Davis – additional keyboards; Ian Nelson – saxophone; & Preston Heyman – additional percussion.

Bill Nelson – Getting the Holy Ghost Across, Portrait PRT 26602, 1986. (LP)

Side One –

Wildest Dreams (feat. Peter Greeves on violin)
Lost in Your Memory

Side Two –
Rise like a Fountain
Age of Reason (feat. Dick Morrisey on sax & William Gregory on soprano sax)
The Hidden Flames
Because of You (feat. Dick Morrisey on sax)
Pansophia (Bill Nelson on all instruments)

Side A -

Wildest Dreams (feat. Peter Greeves on violin)
Lost in Your Memory
Rise like a Fountain
Age of Reason (feat. Dick Morrisey on sax & William Gregory on soprano sax)
Living for the Spangled Moment

Side B -

The Hidden Flames
Word for Word
Illusions of You
Heart & Soul
Finks & Stooges of the Heart
Because of You (feat. Dick Morrisey on sax)
Pansophia (Bill Nelson on all instruments)
Wildest Dream (wild mix hidden track)

On the cassette  release, tracks A8 & B2 - B5 are bonus tracks (as well as the hidden track “Wildest Dream (wild mix)”. These were later issued on vinyl with the addition of two instrumentals “Feast of Lanterns” & “Nightbirds” as the EP Living for the Spangled Moment.

The 2006 rerelease on Sonoluxe contained the above first fifteen tracks (in different oder) as well as the additional instrumental tracks: “Feast of Lanterns”; “Nightbirds”; & “The Yo-yo Dyne”. “The Yo-yo Dyne” appeared on the 1986 Portrait EP entitled Wildest Dreams along with “Wildest Dreams” & “Wildest Dreams (wild mix)” & a fourth song “Self Impersonation” which has nothing really to do with Getting the Holy Ghost Across.



  1. Thanks very much for Getting The Holy Ghost Across! I had the U.S. lp many years ago and always loved the song Contemplation! (Does your cd tracklist differ somewhat from the other cd release of this material?) I'm just asking because i don't think Wildest Dreams (Wild mix) is on the other cd release(?) and also because that track sounds like it has faint vinyl noise--even though it is an excellent rip--either way thanks so much for this excellent material i have not heard in ages!!!

  2. to Anonymous,
    glad you found GTHGA(oaBW).

    There is a mixed history for this release, which I seem to have confounded even more.

    It originally appeared in several guises; first there was the 10 track UK vinyl release; then a cassette version that had an additional 7 tracks. These extra tracks were then issued on vinyl as the Living for the Spangled Moment ep. However, for censorship reasons the U.S. vinyl version was renamed On A Blue Wing & given different artwork - apparently some Christian fundamentalist groups objected to the album's title, the esoteric symbolism, & the occult, masonic scripts on the cover. To confuse the issue further the U.S. album also had a slightly different set of tracks to the UK version!

    The fabulously sounding remastered cd is called Getting The Holy Ghost Across (On A Blue Wing). It has a newly designed cover that is in the spirit of the original.

    Now comes the really weird part. Being that "Widest Dreams" is one great tune, I thought I'd be kool & add "Wildest Dreams (wild mix)" from a 4-song vinyl 12" ep (good ear...ripped from vinyl, indeed). But now that you posted your comment, I checked the cd tracklist & mine varies from the published list, it is missing several songs ("Feast of Lanterns"-"Nightbirds"-&"The Yo-Yo Dyne"[a b-side song off the above mentioned ep]), & it appears to be in a different order. I don't know what to tell you, but thanks for the heads-up.

    I think I'll pull it for now until I get this mystery straightened out.

  3. This is the same anon again--actually I'm enjoying your version very much--Thank You! I didn't know this material had become so rare and out of print! Your version has all the best tracks with the vocals, anyway.
    The newer cd of Getting The Holy... seems to just have three instrumentals(?) that are missing here. The rest is the same, though in a slightly different track ordering. Since this cd seems to be impossible to find these days, I'll stick with yours and appreciate it very much!!! -dandor

  4. Given your latest news I assume there will be no hope of getting that link back up that you pulled? Great music it would be wonderful to hear.

  5. MEGA decryption codes
    Blue Moons
    Getting the Holy Ghost