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10 April 2010

What's New?

Hello Voyagers.

What a strange bad time the last few weeks have been. Not to bring you down with my shitty life, but...
1) I was arrested & just got out of jail.
2) I lost my job.
3) I’m being evicted from my home.
Awfully fucked up trifecta if you ask me.

original billboard

You probably all are aware of the Billboard liberation movement. Slightly altering the messages of those hideous eyesore advertisements blighting the landscape of Amerika, the Billboard liberation brother/sisterhood try to present a more honest text to the selling of our Nation. Being the narco-anarchist that I am, I have often myself participated in the above mentioned pastime. Well, this time I was apprehended in the act & charged with trespassing on private property & commercial(???) vandalism.

altered billboard

While I was sitting in jail waiting to get OR’ed (released on my own recognizance), I was fired from my stupid-ass wage-slave job. No matter how mind numbing or time robbing that grind was, it paid my bills in a paycheck to paycheck, hand to mouth sort of way.

Now that I’m not gainfully (???) employed, I can’t keep up on my rent & am being evicted from my domicile, ye olde Casa de Nada.

So now I’ve got to try & find a job in this troubled economic climate. I've got to try & get some unemployment compensation from this budget strapped State for day to day survival & to possibly afford to move to a new abode before becoming completely homeless. So, I’m trying to rapidly down-size my life.

I am going to be selling most of my vast musick & literary libraries on e-bay, along with many of my musickal instuments & other various crap I’ve accumulated that seem like an Albatross around my neck right now. If anyone is interested, contact me with requests or wants. I don’t have a list of things compiled yet, but if you’re no stranger here, then you probably have had a taste of my musickal leanings & literary wanderings.

Most of all I’m sorry for the long delay in posting up any new musick. Hope you like what I’m offering today & hope you’re life is going better than mine. If it’s not, then you’re really fucked.

The Wolfgang Press - Going South 12" prom EP, 4AD/WB PRO-A-7174, 1994.
decryption code in comments

Side 1 -
going south (apollo440 mix)
11 years (sabres main mix 2)

Side 2 -
executioner (adamson mix)
going south (country style)



  1. big bummer all round!!!... hope you get it all sorted...


  2. That's a damn shame. Freedom of speech = commercial vandalism? If you are selling any old punk or dub records (or related books or mags) I will be interested, especially if it benefits the Nathan Nothin Legal Defense and Emergency Relocation Fund.

  3. Sorry to hear it man. I'm almost there myself. Been unemployed since '07 and my last unemployment check comes tomorrow. Hope we both come out alive...

  4. Hey Nathan don't apologise for not posting. The situation your in, I'm surprised to see this one. I hope it works out for you.

    All the best

  5. Strange!! - I was searching for Bill Nelson. Your page came up with your story. Then my Digg sidebar popped up at the same moment with this story


  6. Ah, fuck me!

    Shit. Sorry. I have been busy fiddling all this past week while Rome burns and guilty of sins of omission.

    While the poster alterations are fucking hilarious, the horrendous chain of events spiralling our from there as a consequence are anything but.

    Fuck sake, man.

    I can not believe I didn't trip to this earlier, but apologies for my being such a selfish cunt...

  7. Thanks to everyone for all the comments. We all here have our health & each other, so not all is lost. Life goes on. Stay tuned, dear friends. I will not give up without a fight. The most ironic (if you can call it that) part is that after all this, my legal punishment now appears to be only $$$fines, which I little can afford. The man really knows how to kick us while we're down.

  8. NØ - I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you. Please send a list if you have it of the stuff you want to sell. Also please check your emails.

  9. hang in there... it can only get better... eventually.

  10. Nathan,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're gonig through such hard times. If you need to, feel free to post a similar message on DM so more people will be aware of the items you're trying to sell on e-bay. You might want to consider putting up a donation button. Sometimes people's capacity to give to those in need can be very surprising. I'm no stranger to hard times, and I can really empathize with your situation. I'm sure you're not either, and you know things will get better eventually. I wish that I was financially well off enough to help you out, but I'm not much more well off than you at the moment or I would in a heartbeat. Hang in there and let me know if there is anything I can do to help out. Take care.


  11. MEGA decryption code