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On any post, if the link is no longer good, leave a comment if you want the music re-uploaded. As long as I still have the file, or the record, cd, or cassette to re-rip, I will gladly accommodate in a timely manner all such requests.

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09 June 2010

Nasal Sex is back

UPDATE: thanks to dedos.info for letting me know the link to Nasal Sex - Golly was no longer working. I have re-upload the file to mediafire. Several of my accounts on Fileden (a host I originally used here) have been suspended for so-called violations & now links to more than 50 past posts are no good. I'll try to get them back up as I see fit, so if there is something you are desiring but the link is bad, let me know here. I'll get things back up in order of request. It's the best I can do.

UPDATE UPDATE: Once again I have re-uploaded this, this time to MEGA. Just click on the link above to the original post. One of the most requested post here. All right!


  1. Nathan, Nasal Sex have been talking about doing a few reunion shows this summer. Just thought I'd let ya know.

  2. Hated their name but Billy Club is a great song.

  3. to kennyhel77,
    thanks for letting me know. If it's going to happen, kindly let me know when you find out.

    to roc,
    ditto on "Billy Club", but I dig their name,too. Nasal Sex...Nasal Sex...Nasal Sex!!!

  4. maybe a crap name for a band, but all three guys are great guys! Nathan, I will let you know about the reunion shows. They probably will happen in San Jose...but you knew that!