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28 July 2010

Bombs for Whitey

Way back in September of 2007, not long after I started this mess, I posted up two songs from some friends of mine in a band called Bombs for Whitey. They were from San Jose & relocated to Lost Angels about the time I sloughed off to Sacko’tomato. While I was digging through my boxes of clutter recently, I unearthed their self-titled release, so without any further ado than to say all song are by Al Langone (guitarist) & Paul Nevins (vocalist) except for the last cut, a live cover by Pop/Williamson, here they are...

Bombs for Whitey - Bombs for Whitey, 1998.

Tracklist -
Time Waits for No One
I Don’t Need a Reason
Far Away
No Respect
Standing on My Head
Everything Comes & Goes
All My Heros are Dead
Lost Generation
True Confessions
Only Losers Deny
In My Head
Bullet to the Soul
Some Things Never Change
Search (live)



  1. Did Paul always sing vocals, I remember Al singing and it wasn't much grittier.

  2. Up to 1997 I think Paul was always vocalist. Saw em a bunch of times 93-96 in San Jose at Cat Piss club, then I did drums at the grand total of 2 of the 3 shows they did as an LA band... I think. Got a video of the whole set from Bar Deluxe in 1997 if anyone wants to see it. It's decent. Still in the Eyesores (most ignored band of San Jose).


  3. any idea what paul nevins is doing now?

    1. Smoking a bowl...

    2. Okay, now its almost a week later and I'm playing Chinese checkers with the rotted/, o.k. all gone, bones only - corpse of Mao Se Tung... - Okay, upon further review, judging by my answer, you caught me, ... I'm still smoking a bowl. (not the same one, of course.) --- p.s. I love typing into the ether...

    3. How about passing that bowl over this way?

    4. Passing it your way, hope it stays lit. If not, re-pack, light and repeat.

  4. Paul Is married and living in L.A.,The rest of the band is still in the Bay Area. Part of a unreleased album should be available for download soon.Will post link when i have it.

  5. Dude, we played 2 shows with you on drums in LA, and over 100 there (LA/CA Hollywood) without you. I don't know what your thinking or why,

  6. to anonymous & Dogface,

    I'm assuming (dangerous) that this is some internal squabble between anonymous [seemingly a former member of BFW who apparently played "over 100 there (LA/CA Hollywood)" but for some reason chooses not to identify himself] & Dogface who claims to have played drums "the grand total of 2 of the 3 shows they did as an LA band...".

    I know for a fact that Phil Christ was their long-time drummer while in San Jo-haze, & that he relocated to LA with the boys, living off Sunset in West Hollywood, abiding at the notorious Commode (The Commodore). He played numerous gigs while there & is considered one of the original members, although he was not in the original 5-man outfit.

    Slag on, dudes & Anonymous...man-up & state yer name, sir.

  7. Hey, Paul here...just ran across this and thought I'd chime in. Moved to Hollywood, played 100+ shows over a few years in LaLa land with the legendary Phil Christ, aka Fudgie da Clown on drums. The band fell apart, - drink, drugs, women, broke, boredom, the usual b.s.. Played 2 or 3 shows with "Dogface", hey Ryan, (thanks for the vid.) but our hearts (Me, Al and Jose) weren't into it so we stopped playing for a bit. Some time passed, Phil jumped back on board we did a couple of more shows in the 'wood and a few shows up north and called it a day. Nothing BFW wise since 2001 - although Al and I did an anonymous gig in SJ in 2013 as "Nefarious Characters" at some bar downtown with a couple of cats from one of Al's new projects... (played to 3 people and a bartender, just like the old days) - Been talking about doing a "reunion show" in SJ at the end of 2014...but who knows...or cares... -- Oh yeah, Al sang on one song "My Baby" at maybe ten shows during the Phil/Ryan/Phil drummer shuffle. He wrote it and sang it himself to try and pull this chick. (and, yeah, it worked). Hope that clears up this raging internet controversy...

    1. Raging controversy solved. I always thought you did all the vocals, Didn't know Al tried Ye Olde Chick Magnet vocalists trick. Glad it worked. Will you pass that bowl over here?

  8. "Anonymous5/5/12, 8:52 PM

    Dude, we played 2 shows with you on drums in LA, and over 100 there (LA/CA Hollywood) without you. I don't know what your thinking or why,

    this is Dogface and what I was thinking was that I was only aware of a couple LA/Hollywood shows, and those were the ones I played. If you played others, great, but I wasn't aware of them. It was almost 20 years ago, and not much internet. I didn't live near LA/Hollywood so I didn't see any flyers. If you got a problem, you got a problem, but it isn't mine. Otherwise no hard feelings.

  9. Dogface again.. I don't recall any lead vocals by anyone other than Paul at the shows I played. Like I said before, I wasn't aware of others, but it was 2 shows out of apparently many more.

    1. You are still going on about this? What the fuck? "If you got a problem, you got a problem, but it isn't mine." Sounds like it is IMO.