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15 July 2010

San Jo Haze

Here’s a compilation of bands from San Jose from about the same time as the previous post. Give you an idea what was going on there then. I always hated the original cover


so I made my own.

Various Artists - San Jo’ & Proud,
Lithuanian Snake Dance Records LSD 003, 1995.

The Odd Numbers - When You’re Young
Cookie - Kathy & Eddie
Slip - Flooded Waters
The Spit Muffins - 25 Cent Monsters
Plum Loco - Tail Spin
Drug - We Can Go
The Kindred - Be a Fool
Shovelhead - Consequences of Ignorance
The Smashtones - Best Friend
Crack - Kramer
The Clay Wheels - Pep Armstrong
The Sugarbombs - Love to Stay
The Blanks - Death Wish
Shangri-La - Space Train
Ridlin - Past Tense



  1. Hey Man! You're posting stuff that I released! Kidding, thanks for doing this! I lost my copy even though I put it out. What a crappy cover huh. I like yours better Nate! Thanks for posting this, I forgot who was on this....gotta stop drinking!

  2. Nice new template! I esp. like the font being used for the titles (comments, headlines, et cetera).