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14 July 2010

Right Upside Your Head, Sucka!

Been culling through my musick & have been concentrating this last week on bands from my old homestead, San Jose.

Here’s one from San Jose's spastic jazz-improv group Horchata. They got together in 1993 playing informal jam sessions that got out of hand. The core members performed as Sacrilicious before adding horn players & arriving at this line-up: Jim Lopez - vocals; Ona Stewart - vocals & guitar; Jim Carrico - vocals & guitar; Brady Laucher - bass; Dale Means - drums; Reggie Webb - alto saxophone; Jason Walker - tenor saxophone; Rob Lombardi - trumpet; Justin Rivera - trombone; & Steve Delaney - harmonica.

The band musick seems to be about Kung-fu, getting baked, & Horchata drinks. They’re also into " weird solos & transitions," says alto saxophonist Reggie Webb. "Instead of jazz to jazz, we'll go from reggae to swing to ska to punk rock. Then we'll have a harmonica solo instead of a guitar solo."

Recorded live at Third Street Dojo; produced by Papa Hawk; released on Little Lucky.

Horchata - Right Upside Your Head, Little Lucky A01, 1994.

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  1. Wow, this is way more ridiculous than I was expecting. Good stuff!

  2. thanks for sharing this is something I have not heard in a while. Brings back memories.

    Ona Stewart

  3. Inner City Jim is a genious and a prophet

  4. Inner-city Jim is a like animal chin ......have you seen him?

  5. Nuff Respect to my brothers from back in the day! We had a great time running the downtown area!

    Brooklyn U.K