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06 April 2011

Call in the CDC - I need a Docktor

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 04/19/2014. Enjoy, NØ.

Dub is the rub, but I been ill.
My ‘air. Dyeing. I needs Roots Control.
CDC Certified Dope.
If this Dub don’t do you, then
your not smokin’ the rite rope.
Crooklyn Dub Consortium
the Dubbiest Illest
CDC in da Hizzouse Bowie.

Crooklyn Dub Consortium - Certified Dope Vol. 1,
WordSound WSCD003, 1995.
decryption codes in comments

While I was re-uploading this file I decided to add Certified Dope Vol. 2.



  1. Thanks, NØ. This and the S&P.

    I sat down the other day and listened to all of Buck's '90 Minutes in Hell'. Hadn't listened to his readings in a while, or much else either. Sounded good. Maybe one day, somebody might do a dub. Tubby meets Chinaski would have split the spliff. Or Scratch still. A retrospective collision between the Black Ark and Skid Row.

  2. Sweet! Ill Bill Laswell had something to do with this, amirite? If you don't mind a bit of turntablism with your roots music, check out DJ Kentaro's "Tuff Cuts". Pressure Sounds let him dig through their crates, and his mix includes a good bit of Prince Far I. Kentaro does some scratching, but it isn't too distracting. It's like chocolate in yer peanut butter; the flavors mix well in the ears!


  3. Wow, two MIAs on one post.

    Ib, know yer bored or jaded of the musick to yer ears, but I keep finding great tuneage to soundtrack my life. It's definitely out there.

    Jonder, been stopping by Under ever few days but nothing since last año, glad to hear from ya. Thanks for the link, I don't mind a little scratching if it soothes the itch, ya know what I mean.

    Thanks fellas, it's been lonely out here in cybervania.

  4. Nathan, I am working on a compilation of my favorite Fall songs for you. Let me know what you've already heard, and what you didn't like about it -- other than the singer's voice!

  5. Vol. 1
    Vol. 2