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28 April 2011

E-mail for Everyone

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Enjoy, NØ.

Dragged this out of the dusty vault after a friend told me about a fantastic show SL&G played March 12 at The Slaughterhouse in Berlin, Germany. Sad Lovers & Giant always had their strongest fan base in Europe, but this was their first ever show in Berlin. I think they are currently working on a new release & are also scheduled to play London later this summer (September 4th at the Purple Turtle).

The set list from their recent show:
Close To The Sea
One Man's Hell
Man Of Straw
3 Lines
Happiness Is Fragile
Jungle Of Lies
Your Skin and Mine
Silent Decay
Seven Kinds Of Sin
Things We Never Did
Encore 1 -
In Flux
Encore 2 -
Alice (Isn't Playing)
Sleep (Is For Everyone);

had much material in common with this release. The band had broken up for the second time after their label, Midnight Music, went bust. Then Cherry Red purchased MMs back catalogue & released E-mail from Eternity, a ‘best of’ compilation (on their Anagram label). It’s a great place to start if you don;t know or just want to familiarize yourself with SL&G.

Although the band formed in 1980 & their original sound was new wavish, they developed a more indie folk post-punk sound with new wavish overtones as they progressed. This release is a great place to start if you don’t know or just want to familiarize yourself with SL&G.

Anagram Records CDM GRAM 104, 1996.
decryption code in comments

Tracks -
Things We Never Did
Alice (Isn't Playing)
Art (by Me)
On Another Day
Sleep (is for Everyone)
In Flux
The Best Film He Ever Made
White Russians
Take Seven
Seven Kinds of Sin
Return to Clocktower Lodge
One Man's Hell
The Sky is a Glove
Things We Never Did (De Puta Madre live version)



  1. Hello,
    Any chance of a re-up of this brilliant collection?
    Would be most grateful.
    Many thanks in advance.
    Great blog and a very happy new year to you.

    1. Same to you re: New Year's. Thanks for the comment & request. I'll have to re-upload this on the week-end, as my card is full until then. I'm running a list of things I need to re-upload this week-end, but I'll put this at the top of the list as I really dig this anthology.

    2. Kevat3. Got around to this sooner than expected. After your request, I so wanted to hear this that I had to re-up it right away as a way of saying thank you to you for reminding me. The more music one acquires, the greater the tendency to forget about certain releases that for one reason or another get put on the back burner. Thanks again & enjoy.

    3. Terrific! A mention for your blog on my next show. Cheers Kev.

    4. I suppose I'm just lame, but what is your 'next show' & how can I listen, watch, whatever...partake of it?

    5. Oops. I do an 80s show on a small local station here in England.
      will take you to the shows page.
      Mainly indie/John Peel type stuff, every Wednesday evening 8-10pm (UK time)
      No listen again I'm afraid but if anyone wants playlists/uploads etc you can contact me via the station.
      Cheers Kev

  2. MEGA decryption code