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22 January 2012

Crystal Blues blowin' across the Sahara

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 09/01/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

Tinariwen formed in 1982 but remained underground (Mali & Algeria both banned their political lyrics) until the group moved to the Malian capitol of Bamako in 1999. There the ten members drew on a rebel rock sensibility, openly playing their passionate, trance-like Desert Blues.

Born in a region plagued by exile, war, & drought, Tinariwen (originally Taghreft Tinariwen, or ‘edification of the lands’) became known for vocalizing the political plight of endangered nomads.

They were no strangers to armed conflict: Kheddou is said to have received 17 bullet wounds after leading several raids, armed only with a guitar on his back & a Kalashnikov in his hands... once he was doused in gasoline, owing his life only to his good karma & a faulty lighter; Ibrahim joined a training camp in southern Lybia after witnessing his father’s murder at the hands of Malian soldiers. At the camp, Ghadaffi made false promises of helping the Tamashek cause. In between classes about revolution, Islamism, & guerrilla warfare, Ibrahim honed his chops on guitar.

Tinariwen’s music speaks of & to the Tuareg or Kel Tamashek people, appealing for a political awakening of consciousness. For many years the nomadic tribes of the southern Sahara had tried to maintain hope in the midst of ethnic cleansing & public executions. These mighty musicians are the modern warriors of their people, with guitars replacing AK-47s. The songs of Tinariwen are petitions for political & cultural self-determination. They have become a point of identity for Tuareg youth. In a land void of laptops & TVs, cheap cassette recordings spread the music of bands like Tinariwen: the new Tamashek weapon of choice.

Tinariwen – The Radio Tisdas Sessions, World Village-468010, 2002.
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Le Chant Des Fauves
Nar Djenetbouba
Zin Es Gourmeden
Afours Afours
Khedou Khedou
Mataraden Anexan
Tin-Essako (live)

Recorded at Radio Tisdas, Kidal, Mali in January 2000 ( because of rationed electricity, they could only record between 7 p.m. & midnight each evening) except Track 10 recorded live at The Festival in the Desert, Tin-Essako, Mali.

Tinariwen are: Abdallah (vocals, guitar, bass); Ibrahim, Kheddou, Mohammed "Japonais", Foy Foy (vocals, guitar); Hassan (vocals, guitar, percussion); Seyid (percussion); & Nina, Anini, Bogness (background vocals).


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