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02 January 2012

Indiana Casino

Further Update: This post was edited 06/07/2015. Please read ADDED below.

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 09/01/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

I’ve always been a closet trip-hopper. Beth Gibbon’s voice with Portishead never fails to touch that special spot, but all these years & only 3!

I’ve always appreciated the similarity Siobhan de Maré & Gibbon’s voices share...enjoying Siobhan's short stint with Mono.

Shortly after her time with Mono, she was contacted by Robin Guthrie, former guitarist for the Cocteau Twins. After the Cocteau Twins were laid to rest, Elizabeth Fraser joined up with Massive Attack on Mezzanine, & Robin, along with fellow Cocteau band mate Simon Raymonde were busy running their Bella Union musick label. With a respectable roster under his belt, Guthrie continued adding his trademark touch to numerous collaborations such as Bunnyman's Ian McCullogh & longtime NSS fave Wolfgang Press. Despite all of this, Robin still wanted to perform, so when he learned that de Maré was available, he contacted her .

Violet Indiana is the musical union of the two. Together they create a sound not far removed from Portishead, but capitalizing on de Maré's despondency & replacing much of Portishead's synthesizer with Guthrie's fluid guitar.

Casino is Violet Indiana’s second release. The first being 2001s Roulette. Casino is more a collection of the bands singles than an actual follow-up to Roulette. It is a great place to begin one’s vacation in Indiana.

Violet Indiana - Casino, Instinct Records INS593-2, 2002.
decryption codes in comments

Tracklist -

Bang Bang
Purr La Perla
Safe Word
Ne Me Quitte Pas (written by Jacques Brel)
Torn Up
Chapter Three



Got a request from a reader for a coupla other V. I. releases. Thought I’d go one (or three) better…

First, one from Siobhan de Mare’s previous band, Mono. The final track & special mix from Mono – Formica Blues“Life inMono (Alice Band mix)”, a real trip-hop scorcher & precursor to…

Violet Indiana – Choke EP, Bella Union BELLACD22, 2000.

Tracklist –
Purr la Perla
Torn Up

Violet Indiana – Roulette, Bella Union BELLACD24, 2001.
decryption code in comments

Tracklist –
Air Kissing
Feline or Famine
Powder River
Little Echo
Rage Days
Killer Eyes

Violet Indiana – Killer Eyes CD single, Bella Union BELLACD26, 2001.
Tracklist –
Killer Eyes
Safe World

Violet Indiana – Russian Doll, Bella Union BELLACD65, 2004.
decryption code in comments

Tracklist –
Never Enough
Quelque Jour
(My Baby was a) Cheat
New Girl
The Visit
Touch Me
Beyond the Furr
Close the World

Violet Indiana – Beyond the Furr CD single, Bella Union BELLACD67, 2004.

Tracklist –
Beyond the Furr
Crystal Mountain
Perfect Day

Robin Guthrie plays a mean guitar,


  1. Floyd Baker1/4/12, 2:41 PM

    They are two of the best artists today.

  2. Hey Dood...hope you are doing well.

  3. MEGA decryption code

    1. Sorry, but your MEGA decryption code does NOT work for the Violet Indiana - Russian Doll album, N0. It worked on some others, though; just not Russian Doll.

      Help, please?

    2. I just checked & the decryption code works great. If you used the d code above, that is for Casino. The d codes for Roulette & Russian Doll are several comments below starting..."Here you go...". If you are still having issues, read the MEGA MESS post from April 1, 2015 or let me know & I'll re-up it elsewhere. Good Luck.

  4. Hello, i tried the decryption code but it seemed the file was already removed?? did you ever plan to re-upload it again? 'cause it's pretty hard to find it somewhere else :( thank you.

    1. The file is current & active. If you are having problems, please read the April 15, 2015 post MEGA MESS for helpful information. If nothing there works, please comment again & I will re-up this on an alternate server.

  5. thanks for this great album... have you got the other two? Roulette and Russian Doll?

    1. Here you go, plus a few other treats. Enjoy.

      Russian Doll

  6. I love this project of Violet Indiana, it hurts that it no longer produced more discs, everything that Robin does fascinates me, thanks for sharing this beautiful material, greetings from the precarious Mexico.