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24 October 2012

Bosnian Rainbows

Went to see the Omar Rodríguez-López Group last night at Harlow's. I knew there was no certainty as to what would touch my ears from this genius of myriad musickal tastes other than that it would be fantastic. I was privileged to be entertained by the phenomenal Bosnian Rainbows: Omar on guitar & backing vocals; keyboardist Nicci Kasper of Dark Angels; drummer Deantoni Parks of Dark Angels, The Mars Volta, & other renditions of ORLG; fronted by vocalist Teri Suarez of Le Butcherettes. You can read elsewhere around the interweb what others have to say about BR, but I lack the words to properly exclaim their excellence. Just listen to the clip above & as usual...


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  1. I see people visiting here. If you are interested, look in the Bosnia post under musick around the World. near the bottom is a semi-hidden link you might like.