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16 October 2012

The $230,000,000 Man

Just got done watching another debate. What a waste of time. Everyone keeps saying that Romney's numbers just don't add up.

Listen, people.


If the growth of economy could somehow keep up with the growth of population, then it might be slightly feasible that in order for the wealthy to become more wealthy that no one else would need become poorer. Since that will never happen, then in order for the wealthy to become wealthier, many of us must lose what little we have.

In an era of such economic tragedy the likes of which very few living today have ever experienced worse, what doesn't really add up to me is electing the richest candidate ever to run for President. His interests are not our interests. He only wants to add to his pile. If the wealthy have more, they're not going to pass it on to us. They're going to buy more luxury cars, more yachts, more countries, more prostitutes... whatever they spend it on now, only more.

Romney is full of Mitt. Everything he says is Mitt. The 230 Million Dollar Man.


I can get any lower than

Thievery Corporation - The Richest Man in Babylon


  1. Why do Democrats/Liberals suffer from "profit envy" ??

  2. to Evil Rev,

    I am neither a Democrat nor a Liberal, so I can only speak for my self as a radical, but I don't suffer from 'profit envy'. I just believe that a more equitable distribution of resources across the board would make for a better world for us all. I doubt that the millions of homeless across this nation are envying the rich, but are just looking for their next meal & a safe place to lay their heads at night.

  3. to IMI,

    Does this mean you have 'profit envy'?
    (just kiddin'...relax Evil Rev)

  4. is it ok to write in Ron Paul?

  5. to Hate Politicians,

    I'm not necessarily pro anyone, just anti-Romney. I know what a Romney run Amerikkka will be like & it won't be pretty. I would only be afraid that voting for Ron Paul would be throwing away your vote when the two major parties have such a death-like grip on the neck of us voters. But if you reside in a state that's not likely to go Romney or Obama, then it is probably a good idea to show our disdain with the two-party farce by voting for an alternate candidate. But you shouldn't be asking me if it's ok...just search your own heart.