Lost links & Re-ups

On any post, if the link is no longer good, leave a comment if you want the music re-uploaded. As long as I still have the file, or the record, cd, or cassette to re-rip, I will gladly accommodate in a timely manner all such requests.

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14 October 2012

Where to Go from Here???

Several days ago I discovered that my Mediafire account had been suspended. There went so much great musick. I think I have most of it saved to back-up. What I don't have backed up I can probably still rip again from the original vinyl. So for now, if you want anything re-upped, you'll have to contact me at my email. I will contact you back with links to the material. If you email me, only include the original post name & date & the musick you are searching for...no attachments or I will not open the email. You can send requests to dumpbush@outgun.com. Please put something in the SUBJECT line to let me know it is a re-up request. I get tons of junk mail & delete most or all of it unread. This is the best I can do right now. Leave any suggestions or solutions in comment on this post & check back if you care.

Not enjoying this,


  1. That really sux. I'm glad to hear you had backups. I know it's a lot of work, but I hope this blog continues.

  2. to IMI,

    Thanks for the kind words. It'll take more than the interweb pigs to slay this beast. I love musick. It makes my world turn. So when I am so moved, I share it here. I still have lots of records to go through, I'm still acquiring new (old) ones every week. I just have to come up with a more secure way of sharing with friends. Back in the analog era, if someone got a great record, they'd just record it to cassette & share it. No one seemed to care, not labels or artists. It spread the word & sounds, then folks would buy what they liked. Now in the digital era, why is it any different? WTF!

  3. Sorry to hear about Mediafire. They are doing it to everyone who uploads music, I think. All that hard work to have it erased in a few minutes. ugh! Keep on posting! I always look forward to a new one.

  4. to IHateThe90s

    Thanks for the encouragement, Michelle. You were the one that first warned me. i think I managed to get copies of nearly everything. Just how to present the information & accompanying musick. How are the different servers serving you?

  5. Depositfiles is great because you can upload up to 10GB. Also 4Shared isn't too shabby either but you have to sign up. Lately, Rapidshare has been actually fast with no more dropping down to 0 when you download. Only thing is that you cannot upload multiple files like you could with Mediafire.