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18 October 2014

Fortunate Son

Kim Fowley Jr. – Son of Frankenstein, Moxie Records –MLP06, 1981.
decryption code in comments

Alcoholic Side –
The Face on the Factory Floor
Bad News from the Underworld
Devil Doll Serenade

Psychedelic Side –
Fred Loves Betty
Invasion of the Polaroid People
Destination Judy
Other Side of the Sun
World '99

Kim Fowley Jr. – vocals, piano, & synthesizer; Gary Blue & Ronnie Rocket – guitar; Rich La Bonte – synthesizer; Laurie Bell – piano; Invisible Man – bass; Dennis Heartbreak – percussion with Joe Public – percussion on ''Other Side of the Sun''; & The Runaways Class of '84 – backing vocals. (Kim Fowley impersonating his non-existent son in one crazy record, even for KF.) This is truly The Shit!



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  2. Mindboggling.


    1. It always boggles my mind from beginning to end & beyond. I was listening to this & Television - Double Exposure & was transported to the realm of the moggled bind...er...