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03 September 2015

Fire & Brimstone

On a previous post, Light, Traps & Exploding Wires I posted up the LT&EW album by Juan Maciel aka Naux. On that album on guitar & bass was one Mike Allison. On that post, I wrote: “Mike Allison continues recording today under the moniker Darshan Ambient…”

Today’s D is Darshan Ambient.

Michael Allison had been playing & composing music since the age of 16.  His humble beginnings started in high school as lead singer for the musical Brimstone in the Central Valley town of Modesto, California. At the age of 17 he joined the Los Angeles-based band Skyway. They toured the South & the Pacific North West. Soon after they disbanded, Allison formed a life long friendship with Naux (Juan Maciel) playing in such bands as: Nona Hendryx & Zero Cool (in the early 80s, Nona Hendryx fronted her own progressive art rock group, Zero Cool, which included guitarist Naux, & bassist Michael Allison); Richard Hell & the Voidoids (the Destiny Street sessions featured guitarist Naux & bassist Mike Allison); & China Shop (founded by Naux & Steve Cohen with Richard Edson & Michael Allison as members) in New York City.

In 1984, Allison formed his own band Empty House playing to very enthusiastic crowds in places like CBGB's, TRAX, & The Pyramid Club (where they were the house band performing every Tuesday night).  However, it was through his connection with Naux that Michael began composing music fusing ambient & jazz influences from Brian Eno to Miles Davis.

In 1992, having moved to San Francisco, he began a solo career writing and recording music that soon became  known as Darshan Ambient; releasing several critically acclaimed albums such as Providence, The Zen Master's Diary,  Autumn's Apple,  re: Karma,   From Pale Hands To Weary Skies,  A Day Within Days and Dream In Blue. Allison's music has been used in films, documentaries and television commercials.

Darshan Ambient – Autumn’s Apple, Lotuspike LS-002, 2004.
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Tracklist –
Azure Day
Deep Garden
Acre of Sun
Sea Stars for Tristen
Rain Parade
Pebble in My Shoe
Autumn’s Apple
Man in the Window



Right after I posted this, a friend of mine emailed me requesting the China Shop compilation (contains the 1981 Condensed Records China Shop – Atomic Notions EP & 17 previously unreleased tracks).

Steve Cohen (founding member of China Shop) said...

"I'm Steve Cohen. After meeting Naux at the Soho Music Gallery, we started China Shop together. Originally with Richard Edson, who went on to play with Sonic Youth & Konk, before his acting ship came in with Jim Jarmusch’s movie Stranger than Paradise. As for 21 Puffs on the Cassette Masters. Anthology is on hiatus (the company that was selling downloads of 21 Puffs, Anthology Recordings, has since scrubbed their website), so it's ok with me if you'd like to post the entire thing. "

So here it is…

Tracklist –

Fraction of a Second
Monkey Talk (EP track A1)
Newer Homes
Think too Much
KowTow (EP track B1)
If It’s New (EP track B2)
Seems Waiting
Walk on Lighting (EP track A2)
Time Zones
Fatherless Poems
Vampire Song
Vacation Time
Million Names of God
The Heartache
Vanishing Point


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