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04 September 2015

From Mike to Dot --- Microdot --- Trip-pop

Dot Allison is a Scottish singer/songwriter. In addition to solo ventures, Allison's career path has also concentrated on collaborative efforts. She has worked with Scott Walker, Massive Attack, Paul Weller, Hal David, Arab Strap, Mick Harvey, Pascal Gabriel, Kevin Shields, Pete Doherty, Xenomania, & Gary Mounfield.

My first exposure to Ms. Allison was when she was fronting the band One Dove in the early 1990s. Although often referred to as a dance act, One Dove's sound was actually characterized by primarily electronic textures with heavy processing influenced by laid back Jamaican Dub & Eno-esque ambience.

One Dove – Morning Dove White, FFRR 162351042-2, 1993.
all decryption codes in comments

Tracklist –

White Love (Guitar Paradise mix)
Breakdown (Cellophane Boat mix)
The Goes the Cure (w/Jah Wobble – bass)
(The Transient) Truth
My Friend
Why Don’t You Take Me
White Love (piano reprise)
White Love (radio mix)
Breakdown (radio mix)

In 1999 Allison released her debut solo album Afterglow. It is a song-oriented pop CD. Allison penned 7 of the 11 tracks on her debut release.

Dot Allison – Afterglow, Arista 07822-16600-2, 1999.

Tracklist –
Colour Me
Tomorrow Never Comes
Close Your Eyes
Message Personnel
I Wanna Feel the Chill
Morning Sun
Did I Imagine You?
Mo' Pop
Alpha Female
In Winter Still
Message Personnel (Arab Strap remix)

It was followed by the electro & house music inspired We Are Science in 2002. On this, her sophomore effort, Dot wrote all the songs.

Dot Allison – We are Science, Mantra Recordings MNTCD 1028, 2002.

Tracklist –
We’re Only Science
You Can be Replaced
Wishing Stone
Make it Happen
Strung Out
I Think I Love You
Substance (Felix Da Housecat remix)
We’re Only Science (Slam remix)



  1. One Dove

  2. This is some good shit right here. Sometimes I listen to something like crazy and then, for whatever reason, I forget entirely that it exists for several years. Then you come along and remind me. Thanks as always.


  3. Also. While I had (and dug) Afterglow and Science, One Dove is entirely new to me. This is another way you rock. Cheers.


  4. Hello! I've been looking for these 2 albums for a long time! Can you tell me if the links still works??.. (really hope so). thank you!

    1. All the links here are still working. Just checked them. Click on the album title under the artwork, then just cut & paste the above code: either One Dove NCM9HieXfj8b5WahzaKagoVkIDpjhOrVuRZiqn5pRps or Afterglow
      6AmSX-C0qzu4PQ2dmTX1CBiMtPH6fk9xD-LrU4FH6rs or Science
      pP5c07yv4SfUJat52-8wzYOEIlMI2D_vtFruEuUhKng when prompted by MEGA. If you are still having problems, read the April 1, 2015 MEGA MESS post & comments for multiple solutions.

  5. Oh my gosh, thanks SO MUCH for these! I used to have "Morning Dove White" and "Afterglow" on cd, but after several cross-country moves (and a couple of roommates with VERY sticky fingers), a lot of my music collection has vanished. It's so great to be able to hear this music again! I just discovered your blog today, but I have the definite feeling that I'll be checking it out a lot more in the future! Again, thank you!

  6. Hey, do you have link for the 2007's album "Exaltation of Larks". Thank you ;)

    1. Here you go. Gotta love Dot.

      Exaltation of Larks