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12 December 2015

& Now for Somethin’ Completely Different

Here is Man Klan's only LP, released in 1987. Their output consists of two 12" EPs  released in 1985, this LP, & a 12" single of  "Wanting & Waiting". They were from Stockholm, Sweden although this particular LP was released on the UK label Wire. Some good female-fronted punky Goth grooves in the vein of Devils era Concrete Blonde or 4ADs X-Mal Deustchland.

Man Klan was started by Carita Palmroos – vocals & Jacki Pazda/Huberhoff – bass with Jens Lansman – guitar; & Johan Bomberg – drums on this release.

Man Klan- Flesh Machine, Wire Records WRLP007, 1987.
decryption code in comments

Side A –

Wanting & Waiting
Love for Pleasure
No Time for Mercy

Side B –

Getting Closer
Flesh Machine
Love Child


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