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13 December 2015

Space Dub - Zither Style

This gem came out the same year as Audio Active’s On-U Sound release Happy Happer.

Here Audio Active are Taki 244 (Tsuyoshi Taki), 2 DD (Daisuke Omura), Masa the Al-Tamyran (Masa Osada), & Nanao (Shigemoto Nanao), on this outing joining zither great Laraaji Nanananda (Edward Larry Gordon).

Audio Active & Laraaji – The Way Out is the Way In, All Saints ASCD26, 1995.
decryption code in comments

Tracklist –
New Laughter Mode (the Way In)
Music & Cosmic (Feel Yourself) w/Bill Nelson - guitar
Think Cosmically
How Time Flies (when You’re Having None)
Space Visitors for Tea-That Lump on Your Head
Hither & Zither
Blooper’s Dance Floor
New Laughter Mode (the Way Out)



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  2. Heavy 90s vibe to it, not surprisingly. Thoroughly enjoying this. THX

  3. Thanks for the introduction...anything with Bill Nelson on is worth investigation!