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01 January 2016

Eulogy for a HawkLord

One for the ages.

Here’s something from one of Lemmy’s other bands.

Some great old nuggets done only as Lemmy could do them, with the help from some of his friends. We will not forget you brother.

The Head Cat: Lemmy Kilmister – bass & vocals; Danny B. Harvey - lead guitar & piano; & Slim Jim Phantom - drums.

The Head Cat  –  Walk the Walk…Talk the Talk, Niji Entertainment Group NEG007, 2011.
decryption code in comments

Tracklist -

American Beat
Say Mama
I Ain’t Never
Bad Boy
Shaking all Over
Let it Rock
Something Else
The Eagle Flies on Friday
Trying to Get to You
You Can’t do that
It’ll be Me



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  2. Thank you, may Lemmy not rest in peace.