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24 January 2016

Welcome to My Life

Back in May 2014 I posted up Bloodstains Across Texas, the first offering in the ever-thrilling Bloodstains series. Here’s the second dose from my own present state (of mind).

Bloodstains Across California is a compilation of tracks from rare California punk singles from 1977-1982.

Various – Bloodstains Across California, Bloodstains BLO-02, 1993.
decryption code in comments

Side Ahhhhh –
American Society – Eddie & the Subtitles
Prison Walls – Injections
Waiting for the Bomb Blast - Funeral
Don’t Blame Me – Reign of Terror
Wasted – Silver Chalice
I’m Gonna Punch You – Child Molesters
Stiff Love – Insults
Mean Boy – Destry Hampton
Laurie’s Lament - Vidiots

Side Blaahhhhh –
Bloodstains – Agent Orange
Midget – Vktms
Tammy Wynette – Maggots
Cutie’s Wrong Now – Seizure
Hard Rock – Gears
Move – Plugz
Slow Boy – Controllers
Class War – Plain Jane & Jokes
Criminals in My Car – Jones
Tower 18 – Chiefs
John Rock - Dogs